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In the interest of moving the game forward, I'm trying a 15/15 practice. Timed art sessions for 15 minutes a day. Timer pausing is allowed if I want to use a heat gun to dry paint , or similar actions requiring being realistic about it. Afterwards I write about any observations or feelings that feel prominent. I'm hoping to feel re-inspired or kicked in the buttocks. Or at least learn something valuable from it.
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Do you think that you could stop using the internet for a month?  I've been thinking of trying it lately to see how it affects my creativity and productivity. It's funny how fast "oh but I need to..." and "What if so and so..." pop into one's head. No facebook, tumblr etc or random searches. Even Deviantart would still be here when you got back. I  know that the people who NEED to contact me can call me on the phone. I know there are some areas where total disconnection wouldn't work. Like if you have to do business online. But browsing and business are not the same thing. Socializing and answering customer queries are also not the same. Hmm kinda complicated but still...
January challenge : Who Are you? -
a self portrait in the medium of your choice, to be completed by the end of the month. Submit your results with "Who Are You challenge" in the title.

January can be a reflective and slow month. After the December hub-bub, energy and inspiration can be low. And after all that outward thinking with the holidays, why not spend some time thinking of yourself and what your ticks are.

The purpose of this is to promote inspirational direction and art participation, while being an individual expression of your craft.
A couple months ago, I'd attended a talk on how to price your artwork and the method of finding a value. I can't share the info out of respect for the presenter but it was very eye opening. It didn't all sink in right away. I finally digested the info and put it into action since. It certainly made me look at selling differently as well as what an artists time is actually worth. Paying attention to my time, and what I use, etc,  as well as common sense of the market. When I am at a craft show now, vendors pricing makes more sense. I think it even gave me a feeling of worth or realness in my artistic endeavors. Suddenly the business side of art is a part of my life too, not just the creative. And that's a weird new feeling, but a good one. Another step...
I keep a pair of old red and blue 3d glasses in my desk drawer. They come in handy more often than I expect.
My synapses are firing again. Knock wood.
If you were going for a coffee collage date, what would you put in your kit? Would you go minimalist or is there a must have secret weapon item?
Do you consider yourself to be an instinctual artist or an intentional one?
By my own definitions, instinctual: end art is a result of random building of piece to become something unplanned.
intentional: end art is more or less designed/planned in your head before piece is finished and becomes the aforementioned plan.
Mojo has shifted to on position. Let's see what it produces!
Creative mojo is definitely at an ebb.
But then again...
I am so thrilled and grateful to have gotten a D.D. for my Hand on Your Heart piece. Thank you pulbern for the suggestion and for all of the comments folks :D
hand on your heart by myroski
One of my all time favorite things? The Twilight Zone pinball game.
Im just recommending to anyone who enjoys horror movies to watch Grave Encounters. It was a total hidden gem when I watched it recently. It is of the found footage variety but it works. This one is about a reality show in the vein of Ghost Hunters. Only they end up having a real encounter.  The tension does not let up one it starts and it is more than just jump scares. Not perfect but it scared me in a way the Paranormal Activities etc have not. It had me genuinely tense and frightened. I needed to watch something silly like Wipeout after to calm me down. I can't figure out how it didn't get more exposure and a bigger audience. Find it and enjoy.
I've been uncreative and unfocused for the last couple months. Art did not want to be made. Reason being that my 15 year relationship was ending. It has ended officially.  Doesn't make it easier but it is what it is. I am going thru the process of understanding. But fear not there are other bright stars on the horizon and the sun continues to rise. Hopefully more creative days to come too. As that is what we are here for.
I just wanted to let those of you, whom we think of each other as friends, know that. Life is interesting.
No need to comment
Today I ate the last piece of cake out of spite.
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I am currently busy caring for my mom, the dog, the house. She had an operation that turned into two. That is where I'm at. I'm honing my skills as a cook and housekeeper. She is coming along swell. It's is kind of a nice feeling caring for someone that appreciates it.
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I ask: Do you finish the back of your art pieces? Meaning do you cover the grunge and glue or paint mess with a backing paper or coat of paint.  Does how the back of something looks, matter to you? If you were selling a piece, would the back finish matter?

I do not finish mine with anything in most cases. But I have been wondering if that is a thing to do when selling pieces. Not everything is mounted or framed after all. I personally do not care what the behind looks like of things I acquire. But I wonder if buyers do?
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Hello dears! I buy alot of different types of adhesives. Usually Im all in a fluster of excitement over it. Trying new products is fun. Especially when they work for you.  I've used Mod Podge, glue stick, Zip Dry, acrylic medium in gloss and matte, Perfect Paper Adhesive in gloss and matte, Uhu Office Pen, mucilage and  Fast Finish Decoupage.

I like the simplicity of Mod podge but it's too wet for most of my papers, chronic bubbling. It dries fairly fast tho and is easy to clean up. I don't like that it stays tacky. I do love the

Glue stick is quick and easy, but can lose its grip fast. Never feel confident with it's long run.  I found an extra strong embellishment stick that seems pretty good. I like the smell of glue sticks.

Zip Dry is like a clear liquid rubber cement/siliconey type of glue. It holds really well and does dry fast. Almost too fast for a large piece of material. It has a very strong solvent  odor when wet.

Acrylic medium seems to be a do all. I like it. I like the texture you can achieve from it. You can thin it, add color, use it to seal or texture. And it isn't expensive.

Perfect Paper Adhesive is basically a thin bottled acrylic medium. Was my favorite for a while. Loved the gloss, it would dry and not be tacky. Sometimes it is too wet however. Had UV protection in it.

Uhu Office pen was one of the first ones I tried. It was a clear fast drying liquid glue in a pen. It was notorious for making webs. It stuck well, dried fast and didn't wrinkle paper, even the thin stuff. Traveled well too. I can't find it in any stores here now. Poo

Mucilage I mainly use when I want something to look wet and dare I say snotty. And also for the crackle method it works like a charm. It rewets too easily tho so it's restricted to the special effects.

I, the other day, bought the Fast Finish decoupage product. It didn't say adhesive or glue anywhere on the label. Oh it says bonds. It is for decoupage. It has a water consistency and dries quickly with a chemically smell. But it also dries thin, which is new for me. It made some of my paper transparent while wet then it looked normal once dried fully. I liked knowing that. I guess for a decoupage it would have to work with thin things like napkin and tissue papers. And as a top coat it seems really good. Smooth and clear and no tack. Again a very thin coat so it doesn't hide or distort your work. Ive had it for 3 days tho so I haven't tried it on many non dry paper surfaces yet. But I think for a finisher it is a keeper.

So for the collagers, what is your favorite glue/adhesive? Why?

Remember paste? It smelled so odd and good and had that strange chunky gelly texture. I can't comment on the taste.
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There was a period of time in my life when I had a compulsion to simile.
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