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Julianne Moore as Margaret White in CARRIE (2013)

Julianne Moore as Margaret White in CARRIE (2013) / Fan art, made by me
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I cant wait to see this movie!
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Very, very well done.
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just... perfect!
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My brother is just like her, a huge fanatic and it drives me crazy. This image is haunting and yet interesting. I love the caption on it too.
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God wont hel*gets grabbed by hair*  "how did you get out of hell AGAIN? ohhh when I'm done with you  you won't be able to even $%&ing whimper!"
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ahhh! Julianne looks so scary! Lol kidding that's the point :p awesome job
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You know, with all your images regarding the Carrie posters I would assume they'd ask you to design the official posters for the release.
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Thank you all :) your comments make me very happy :)
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Reminds me of the posters they made for Thor.
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Same font, format and everything. Was that your inspiration?
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No :) My inspiration was this -> [link] :)After I saw the original I decided to make this one, with Julianne Moore as Carrie's mother. I've made her older, much more evil and with an empty look. After all, Margaret White is a religious fanatic :)
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Oh, I see. Well, there was blood on the original poster for Carrie, so I didn't see the resemblance then.
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Yess, there is blood because the storyline :) There is no blood in the story of Margaret, only hate :)
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What is this movie? I don't recognize it. I don't think I've heard of it.
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Carrie, based on the best selling novel by Stephen King :) Search it in Google :)
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Ah, Stephen King.
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Oh, that works perfect.
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