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Tony Tony Chopper - One Piece

By myrllok
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Fan-Art from the "One Piece" serie.

This is not an actual Transformation of Chopper, it is just a few of chopper's forms mixed togheter.
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Change the hand hooves to hoove-made fingers and you've got Monster Point.
El-Drago-800's avatar
:iconmonsterchopperplz::iconsaysplz:Zuul, Motherfucker! Zuul!
Adline-c's avatar
HavocPainter's avatar
this form kinda reminds me of a charger from left 4 dead
Jacifer23's avatar
Can I used this as an Icon for tumblr?
Lukaaash's avatar
WOW! I love it :)
ma-kayz's avatar
nice!!! tony tony Chopper
RedRoronoa's avatar
Wait so... Chopper's monster point is a mix of his other points..? :?
myrllok's avatar
its not monster point it's just a random transformation
RedRoronoa's avatar
Ah, okay. My bad. XD;
lordoftheflame1000's avatar
i want to use your picture in one of my you tube videos is that ok.
vickycolee's avatar
so cute yet so angry >:D
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charger chopper xD
tobi1480's avatar
It's Were-Chopper
Fangy-From-Shadow's avatar
Don't mess with the reindeer!XD
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...damn i soooo would like to draw my own version of a super chopper ... unfortunatly i suck at drawing

this one looks pretty good ... i would liked if you had gave him red glowing eyes instead yellow eyes
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you said: "One Piece" serie. you need an 's' on the end.
ninjaelric's avatar
This is wicked awesome =D
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