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Turtle Tots React - Yucky Food

By Myrling
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Tadaa~ The first Turtle Tots React of 2016! :dummy: A lot of people have suggested a TTR where the boys react to vegetables, but I decided to simply go with food they don’t like. In this case, Splinter’s homemade sewage-surprise stew with algae and worms (this recipe is also a Hamato-family secret). :aww: The reason why I didn't go with veggies is because the reactions were more interesting this way, and partly because it's not easy to come by fresh greens in the sewers... ^^;

I based these reactions slightly on the first episode of TMNT 2012, where we see the brothers eating algae (and worms) in the kitchen. :nod:

:bulletpurple: Donatello looks pretty unappalled by algae and worms in the show, so I figured that Donnie would be rather selective when it comes to food as a kid. His imagination in this pic depictures a biohazard sign, stinky chemical compounds, and unappetizing germs. :la:

:bulletblue: Leonardo would of course try and be the good boy who eats what’s on his plate. Even if every bite makes him feel like he’s dying… I’d like to think that as he grew older, he sorta learned to enter an almost meditative trance where the taste doesn’t bother him. Little Leo is surrounded by the thoughts of his own demise and hitodamas (japanese human souls). scared.... 'the 2nd' 

:bulletred: Raphael is as always the stubborn one. His attitude in this picture is more or less “Welp, guess I’m not eating today”. The food apparently reminds him of various distasteful objects, such as puking cockroaches and happy poop. :meow:

:bulletorange: If you don’t want your food, Michelangelo does. Cookie chomp

You can find MOAR Turtle Tots React in this folder:…

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In my head canon: Mikey has mutant belly to eat all the weird food & crazy pizza.

PinkMaster35's avatar

For mikey’s description in the picture, it’s Probably both

SlayerQ's avatar

*Raph sees Mashed Potatoes for the first time*

Raph: What is this?!?

*Mikey knowing it’s Mashed Potatoes*


*Raph runs away*

*Mikey eats all*

Myrling's avatar

Lol! :heart: That's so in character for both of them it should be cannon. :XD:

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I can totally relate to Donnie and Raph. Mostly Donnie though
Myrling's avatar
Lol! Same here. :XD:
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I have an idea: turtle tots react to holidays? Like, their favorite holidays or something, maybe?
Ashanthehedgehog's avatar

probably halloween

Teaganm's avatar
Oh Mike  his brother didn't like yucky food before they got pizza 
Myrling's avatar
My head canon is that while they were okay with some of Splinter's algae dishes as kids, while other recipes were less popular. :XD:
LinaEnell's avatar
I'm pretty much Raph :giggle: 
Myrling's avatar
Me too. :XD: Especially when I was younger, then I slowly became more of a Donnie, but I still can be pretty picky with my food. :D
Ashanthehedgehog's avatar

i am a donnie leo ralph and mikey mixed together.

i am a don - eo - alph - key

lol im so crazy

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If the food smells or looks wrong I might try one bite just maybe it has no buisness in my stomach. XD

//Lina's lil' sis// Except if it's mushrooms Lina HATES mushrooms. I do too tbh 
Myrling's avatar
Thank you so much! :glomp:
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Always the polite and well mannered one! :XD:
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I can definitely relate to Donnie in this. :aww:
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ok,that looks disgusting 0-0
(and i would never eat something that looks or smells wrong,even if i would have to be hungry all day :p)

and i love your art it is so amazing *-*
Myrling's avatar
I think I'm on the same page there. :XD: If it looks bad and smells bad, I'm not inclined to put it inmy mouth. :aww:

And thank you so much!! :glomp:
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