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Turtle Tots React - Thunder

By Myrling
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…Aaand we’re back! :dummy: Here! Have a new, hot frizzling TTR fresh out of the oven! :heart:

The 2nd most popular subject in the “Turtle Tots React”-poll was the tots’ reactions to thunder and I felt that I really wanted to do this one. :la:
… I should probably be nicer to those kids. :o -o:

:bulletorange: Michelangelo is terrified of thunder. It sounds big, evil and scary and he thinks it’s out to get him. Under ground. In the sewers. It will find him… scared.... 'the 2nd'
:bulletblue: Leonardo isn’t too worried, since he has great confidence in their father’s infallible ability to protect them from absolutely anything. As you can see, Leo’s visualization of Splinter is fab. Sunglasses are good 
:bulletred: Raphael is a tough, cocky little brat that would never admit to being scared of a little rumbling and flashes. It’s no big deal. If anything, thunder should be scared of him. hmpf 
:bulletpurple: Donatello is smart and can reassure his brothers with all the statistics on the subject. On the contrary from “Being sick”, Donnie’s knowledge is actually useful in this case. :aww:

… But in the end, everyone is a little scared of thunder. Hold me... I'm scared.  But even though Mikey starts out as the most frightened of the brothers, he sorta ends up being rather pleased with the situation. All comforted by his brothers and with the whole family gathered together with candles and blankets. That’s right, lil’ pal. Focus on the coziness~ Blanket

If you haven't read the last Turtle Tots React, you can find it right here: Turtle Tots React - Being sick

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Why do I see "1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi...." at the last part?

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I'm guessing he's counting the seconds between the lightning and thunder to see if the storm is getting closer or going away
Myrling's avatar

That's Donnie counting the distance of the lightning. :nod:

UnknownFuzzy's avatar

Oh. That makes sense! I would be yelling at the lightning and thunder until the rain stops, thinking I won the argument.

MultiFandomCreator12's avatar

I sometimes yell “SMITE ME DOWN ZEUS!” I’m weird.

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that's a great idea!!!

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This reminds me of me.:D

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Aww~ :heart: Well, I hope you have kind/helpful siblings! :D

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Ummm...... the truth is my siblings are not nice and helpful

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Next idea should be Turtle Tots react to television :oldtv: 
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Maybe the first episode of Space Heroes...? :meow:

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I really like how Donnie is counting to see how close it is. It's adorable.

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Thank you! :D Lol! I really liked that detail, so that makes me happy to hear. :heart:

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Idea: Turtle tots react to their first cavity
Myrling's avatar
Aww, poor babies! :XD: I'll add it to the list! :la:
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Oh my god Mikey is probably the only one not panicking over the loud thunder noise xD
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Lol! :D His brothers did a very good telling him why he doesn't have to be scared of thunder. :la:
...too bad they weren't listening to their own advice. :XD:
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Did anyone else notice that Leo has his duck blanket?
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