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Turtle Tots React - Skinned knee

By Myrling
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I’ve noticed an alarming lack of turtle tots comics in my gallery, so I felt that it was my duty to do something about it.
But seriously, I have a pile of turtle tots-comic sketches lying around, and had to get rid of some. ^^; And by “get rid of”, I mean color them and put them up on DA. :la:

This is my interpretation of how the turtles as kids would react to a smaller injury, like a bruised knee. With such different personalities, there are bound to be very different reactions. :D

In my head, Leo has the most normal reaction. "Oh, I hurt myself. I should be responsible and take care of it. No big deal." :aww:

Raph on the other hand would probably rather bleed all over the lair before admitting that anything can possibly hurt him. Very impressive, but that’s not a tear of joy he’s trying to suck back into his eye socket…:XD:

Donnie of course, being almost too educated on the subject, would treat himself by taking every possible precaution that medical science can offer. :nod:

And Mikey… doesn’t take it very well. scared.... 'the 2nd' 

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:bulletblack:I make no monetary gain from this artwork. This drawing is only made out of appreciation and love for the characters it depictures.

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BenonicTheHedghog's avatar
Leo is my spirit animal! XD
PPGDaveRRB's avatar

Mikey is a drama queen...

BenonicTheHedghog's avatar
mcke17's avatar

Da dwama ish weal :doh: =P

PinkMaster35's avatar

Whenever I read these series, I JUST WANT TO GIVE MIKEY A HUG!!!

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ALL da drama. Tmnt Mikey freaking out GIF 50px

Flamingmew2's avatar

-head explodes numerous times-

Sheackng-the-guy's avatar

All the drama even everywhere.

Vale126's avatar

Aie bang ma fuk in nee

LeroyJenkins234's avatar

mikey's reaction is the equeal of this...


Myrling's avatar
Lol! :D And no ear drums were left un-harmed that day... :XD:
Ashanthehedgehog's avatar

do they even have ears?

or a nose?

TMNTGirl507's avatar

I love all of your turtle tot reactions, but this is by far my fave. I love Mikey‘s reaction!

Myrling's avatar
That's so kind of you to say! :squee: This is the first one that started the whole series, so that means a lot! :love:
TMNTGirl507's avatar

I only say the truth! My siblings and I agree that your work awesome.:D

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Ya got a hurt knee?
Myrling's avatar
Sounds like Raph's philosophy. :D
Ashanthehedgehog's avatar

lol i am a leo - lph

ralph and leo together

rayray200's avatar
This is accurate in every way and 🥰😂🤣
Myrling's avatar
Lol! I'm so glad you think so! :heart:
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