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Turtle Tots React - Having their picture taken

By Myrling
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Someone apparently accidentally dropped a perfectly functional camera down a storm drain! :dummy: So Splinter saw an opportunity to get some family photos of his sons while they’re still young and cute. :meow:

:bulletorange: Mikey is relishing the sudden attention and has too much energy together with way too many ideas of what he wants to look like in the photo. Mikey makes a horrible photo model, but a pretty decent impression of The Blur.

:bulletred: Much like his brothers, Raph has never had his picture taken before, and isn’t sure what you’re supposed to do in front of the camera. He also doesn’t like to smile on command, and gets a little tetchy when Splinter doesn’t appreciate his efforts…

:bulletpurple: Donnie would feel better being the one taking the photo instead of the one in the photo, and will try to “backseat-photographing” if allowed. Even though Splinter probably is much more familiar with cameras than the young turtle. We’re talking about a middle-aged Asian man born in the technologically gifted land of Japan.

:bulletblue: It's true. Leo is picture perfect. ...As long as his brothers don’t try to “help” him from the sidelines. Actually, I'm not sure what those dorks's agenda is here. All I know is that Splinter had to self-medicate himself for a bad case of "my fave isn't perf" after this. :XD:

Fun Fact: there were only four pictures left in that camera~:la:

Aaaand you can find MOAR Turtle Tots React-comics in this handy little folder:…

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I love how Leo just sits there like a good boy so Splinter can take his picture😂❤ That is, until his brothers mess up his picture 😂
Myrling's avatar

That's what brothers are for! :dummy:

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"my fave isn't perf"

dafuq XD

Myrling's avatar

It was a hard realizaton for Splinter. He never forgot this day...

Ashanthehedgehog's avatar

you know at first glance i thought it was " my fave isn't perv" oof

DracoTyrannus's avatar
That was adorable, I won't lie! Your Turtle Tot series is cute!
Myrling's avatar

Thank you so much!! :huggle:

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I feel if this Mikey ever met the Bumblebee from Transformers Animated it would cause endless suffering for the others it would be like having two mikeys cause both are hyper and love pranks 
Myrling's avatar
Haha! :XD: I don't know a whole lot about transformers, but I trust you on that! :D
Vitlium's avatar
Hahaha, only animated see most version of Bumblebee are mute because of having his voice box ripped out and hes not silly

But the cartoon one basically reminds me of Mikey cause of how much they love pranks and are the youngest and are usually treated like the dumb one , god if they teamed up the pranks would be universal XD 
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Raph everyone love to be happy 
Myrling's avatar
Raph knows how to be happy on the inside! :D
HanoveriansRock's avatar
They're so cute! 
Myrling's avatar
Thank you so much! :happybounce:
Anubis0Mellany0Yin's avatar
All of them are so cute.
Myrling's avatar
Aww, thanks a bunch! :huggle: :heart:
HellOfWorld's avatar
aww,so cute and hilarious XD 

but i still don't like my pic being taken :v
i just....don't like sitting on a chair and having to look happy,i get a terrible feeling (cuz i don't wanna look happy if i am not) and i just walk away I am a dummy! 

i still LOVE looking at the other's pics tho Sweating a little...  
Myrling's avatar
I can totally relate to that. :D Thank you for liking this drawing! :glomp: :heart:
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YAAY~ :happybounce: That's so nice of you to say! :tighthug:
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You're welcome. I love the Turtle Tots React series. Very cute and funny. You earned a watcher my friend.
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OMG this is so DAMN adorable 0w0
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OMG thank you so much! :squee:
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