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Turtle Tots React - Being sick

By Myrling
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No Hindsight update this week. Or anticipated TMNT-episodes from Nicke(trol)lodeon… :mardy: emote 
Hopefully, this can brighten your weekend a little. :dummy:

According to the poll, people rather want to see the turtle tots sick than watch them eat, sleep or play with lego. What kind of monsters are you…? :o -o: Probably the same as me, since this was the one I wanted to draw the most! :happybounce: Yay!

:bulletorange:Mikey knows exactly how to make the best out of the situation. Of course, no one enjoys being sick, but one turtle in particular discovered at an early age that there are certain benefits to it. You can see how every brother have left a sacrifice to please the patient.

:bulletred:Raph becomes a very different character when he’s sick (a little bit like when he got poisoned in the episode “The Pulverizer”). I just really liked the irony of a fever getting the better of his infamous temper and let us see a softer side of him. He has no memories of these cuddly moments once he recovers. He might have blocked them out.

:bulletblue:Leo doesn’t do sick very well… And of course his coma-like state becomes the source of some fun and games, at least for certain brothers. Yes, you should recognize some elements of this scene from a certain dreamy episode in season 3. ^^

:bulletpurple:Donatello. Let’s just agree that some kids really shouldn’t learn how to read before they can tell the difference between flesh eating diseases and the sniffles…

And this is the first time I’m putting a stamp on something I’ve made. :la: I’ve noticed that some of my art has ventured out on journeys to other places (mostly tumblr) which I’m fine with. But only if the people who shares it credits me, or links to the original picture. Usually, people are very polite and do this. But not always… ^^;
By using a logo, I’m hoping that when my art gets lost in the big world wide web, they’ll be able to find their way back home~cute

MOAR Turtle Tots React:…

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:bulletblack:I make no monetary gain from this artwork. This drawing is only made out of appreciation and love for the characters it depictures.

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PPGDaveRRB's avatar

Is that permanent marker Mikey is using?!

BenonicTheHedghog's avatar
OMG I am so Mikey in this!!!! When I get sick I am always like I can’t do it can you please do this for me?
DanomaruZenon's avatar

I'm Donnie pre-cold, Leo during cold and Raph post-cold!

Flamingmew2's avatar

DONNIE MY BOI U GONNA BE OK!!! I’ll take care of u!!!! -picks him up and puts him in his bed- there we go! Now how about I read u a nice book about herpitology? (Study of reptiles)

Myrling's avatar

Perfect choice! :D I'm just gonna... take out the garbage... *slides book into a black plastic bag*

Flamingmew2's avatar

Ok then I’ll read him Wings of Fire!!!

-runs home then runs back with the first WOF book- Ha!!

ThePinkSheep1's avatar
Did you really have to give Donnie severe death anxiety?? XD
Myrling's avatar

But... he's such a cute bundle of crippling fear...? ^^; (Sorry! :heart: )

VEN0M5688's avatar

These comics are so fun to read!Dansu plz

Myrling's avatar

Awww, thank you! :love:

Just-Call-Me-J's avatar
No matter how long it is, I always find myself thinking back to that book of yours in the last panel. I love it so much.
Myrling's avatar

Aah... "The Wrold's Deadliest DISEASES (You have ALL of them! :heart: )"

My first book as a non-published, non-fiction, non-existent author. :la:

I'm very proud of it. :nod: Thank you! :love:

Just-Call-Me-J's avatar
It's just so cruel and so perfect. Especially the little heart. I always think of it whenever Web MD comes up in conversation.
LucyNinja9's avatar

Poor Donnie:no:, his scared that his going to die by the sickness. Don't worry Donnie you're not going to die from the sickness.

Myrling's avatar
I wouldn't trust anything in that book. I've heard the author is a real doofus. :meow:
AnnaKatCat's avatar
Yeah,Donnie, I know what you mean
Sometimes I actually so scared that I won’t move for hours
Myrling's avatar
Speaking as an occasionally relapsing hypochondriac, I can relate too... :XD:
rayray200's avatar
Myrling's avatar
PhinFerbSentai's avatar
Donatello is like the mayority of people that try self-diagonisis with help of Google. Even a stubbed toe can suddenly seem lethal. Best let a doctor advice you instead. 
Myrling's avatar
Totally! :D Neither google nor that book should be consulted on your health. :XD: Doctors didn't spend all those years in med-school to learn something you can easily find on the internet. :nod:
TsunamiAutumn's avatar
Hmm, the book's by Dr. Myrling? She sounds educated. I'd go to her. Nod 
Myrling's avatar
She's Much Doctor! Very Educuteded!! :dummy:
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Maybe I looking after some sick turtle like to be sisters to them 
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