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Turtle Tots React - Being scolded

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Let's start the brand new year with a brand new Turtle Tots Reacts! :la:
This may or may not be a sequel to another comic...

:bulletred: Raph's the kind of kid who you'll have to pry a "sorry" from... Not because he doesn't feel bad for what he's done, but because saying it out loud feels awkward. ^^;

:bulletpurple: Donnie is so busy talking about HOW everything happened that he kinda forgets that he is also supposed to apologize for what happened. :XD:

:bulletorange: Michelangelo feels genuinely bad for what he's done, and it's important that you understand exactly HOW sorry he is. He will keep showing you what a sweet, innocent baby brother he is until he's off the hook, or to the point where YOU start feeling sorry for HIM. :meow:

:bulletblue: This may very well be the first time Splinter has raised his voice to Leo. He does not take it well. :saddummy:

I also imagine that even though Splinter may yell when his sons have misbehaved, he wouldn't really punish them but rather have them make up for what they did. :aww:

And this is why the photograph doesn't have a glass anymore. :dummy:
Fun fact, I drew that portrait myself. If you look cloesly, you can see Yoshi frowning at the broken glass... 

I hope everyone is having a good start of 2017! :heart: Let's help each other out to make it a better year than 2016! :nod:

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goldorakx69's avatar

Poor Leo, he not be ready to being scolded

Atsuko16Kasha's avatar

Yall know that when you're the older sibling, you're Leo

Leo is E X A C T L Y like me

Eag-Trent's avatar

Same here, I think me and hem have a mental breakdown everytime

BenonicTheHedghog's avatar
I am pretty much Raph

Well Leonardo no one gets special treatment with splinter so........

WinifredKrueger's avatar
PPGDaveRRB's avatar
Laurakie87's avatar

haha leo's face!!!

Laurakie87's avatar

O-Oh! Also the fact that Donnie ended up blaming sensei in the end! haha XXD!!!

eemoo1o's avatar

Oh leonardo dear, my baby

Myrling's avatar

Smol baby boi Leo... :saddummy:

Tabby-the-Silver-Fox's avatar

Leo when scolded: God is dead, the world is ending, life no longer has meaning what is existence

Laurakie87's avatar

HAHA, I know right!?:happybounce:

Myrling's avatar

OMG that's perfect, haha!! :D :heart:

Ashanthehedgehog's avatar

im a raphael and leonardo

Myrling's avatar

That's an unusual combo! :D But totally valid. I dig it. :aww:

tmntg's avatar

Poor leo. He never gets in trouble.

Myrling's avatar

And now we know why! :dummy:

Valistain954's avatar
I am both Raphael and Leonado in moments like this
Myrling's avatar

Polar opposites! :XD: Interesting choice... :meow:

KidgeTheAnimeGirl's avatar
Myrling's avatar

I can relate to Mikey somewhat as well. :D

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