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Turtle Tots React - Being carried

By Myrling
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...Okay, I just wanted an excuse to draw some cute turtles being carried by their daddy. :dummy: And their poses are directly based on how some cats react to being picked up. ^^;

I’ve always imagined Mikey being the clingiest of the turtles as kids, and not afraid to show his affection in his own special way. Ouch…

At first, I was thinking that Donnie probably would be a little disapproving to being carried. Well, perhaps in the very beginning, but I think that a 3-5 yearold-ish Donnie would be pretty okay with being picked up. Just not very interested in his dad, and more fascinated by the new perspective. :XD:

You’d think that Leo would look more comfortable in the arms of his father, but I think that Leo looks up to Splinter too much as a sensei to be completely relaxed in this position. Splinter on the other hand enjoys carrying Leo. :meow:

Raph looks traumatized… scared.... 'the 2nd' 

But of course, these are just my interpretations. :D
More turtle tots react:…

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Bahahaha, god I love these TMNT comics you make 03 and 2012 are some of my fav series with Rise on third 
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Aww, thank you so much!! :happybounce: I have not checked out Rise of TMNT yet, but 2003 was my favorite turtles until 2012 showed up. :D
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Rise is oddly entertaining yes it takes time to get used to but I honestly enjoy it 
Especially with how the bros act nothing like 80s, 03 or 2012 they act like actual teens which is a pretty interesting twist oh and just like the comics Raph is leader this time around 
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Raph  it's just left up parents has carried kids just little kids but don't worry you will  get bigger you don't have to carry any more  
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Exactly! :dummy: Though I kinda suspect that Splinter might have given up trying to carry Raph early... :XD:
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I wish nephew was as easy to carry as Leo xD 
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I wish my cat was as easy to carry as Leo! :XD:
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Sure, Leo's prolly the easiest to handle!
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Very much so! :D
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They all looks super adorable
And guess what I make baby drawings too on my account
Would you like to check them out and maybe watch my account room please
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Thank you so much! :heart: Babies scare me a little bit, but for the purpose of this comic I managed to set those feelings aside for a bit. :aww:
I'm afraid that I can't watch your account since I mainly only watch friends on DeviantArt (and a very few exceptional artists which I look up to). ^^; I'm sorry. :(
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This is tos cute X3
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Thank you so much! :happybounce:
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Wait a second...

...Wouldn't Ralph just put his head and limbs in his shell if he's gonna curl up like that? He is a turtle after all.
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Probably, but he's cuter with his face visible. :D
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Adorabibble XD  Oh so many parents could identify :D
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Aww, thank you! :D I can only imagine how parents must be feeling when seeing this... :XD:
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