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Turtle Tots React - Bedtime stories

By Myrling
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Bolly!:omgomgbb: A new, shiny Turtle Tots React!   I can’t believe it!  La love
Okay, I know that I don’t really have a schedule for when I post these things, but this one felt long overdue. :aww:

I have to admit that I’ve gotten a lot more suggestions to make a TTR to bedtime than bedtime stories, but I really, really liked the latter idea. :happybounce: And I had some technical difficulties with how to draw the bedtime one… In my head, all the turtles slept together in the same room when they were tots, and didn't get their own beds until they were a little older. :confused:  Also, it’s hard to make an individual “tucking in”-moment for each turtle if their brothers are crowding the area as well. And not to mention how to fit in Splinter… ^^;
So for some reason, drawing all four tots and Splinter in every panel was “easier”. :dummy: I don’t know what’s wrong with me either...

While working on this, I realized that it would be fun to write the text-blocks in rhyme to mimic the format of some classic children’s books. Mainly Dr Seuss. :nod: … The only problem is that I’ve never read Dr Seuss. :o -o:  I’ve seen the Grinch-movie and I’ve… Myeah, that’s about it. Do go on. 
So I had to read up on those stories to see what the rhymes looked like. … and I never thought I’d have to learn the concept of poetic meter in order to make a reference to “The cat in the hat”...! :nuu: My rhythm and syllables are probably all over the place in a "pretend tetrameter", but you can’t say that I didn’t try. I tried… Sad dummy 

:bulletorange:Michelangelo is way more into comics than books, mainly because of the pictures. Though since he can’t read yet, he’ll mainly just look at the pages until he can get Splinter to read them out loud for him. The sound effects too. The sounds are important. :hero: 

:bulletblue:Leonardo may like the Japanese stories, but the thing he really likes is the way Splinter tells them. The book isn’t in English, which means that Splinter is translating as he reads it. But since Splinter knows many of the stories by heart, he isn’t as much reading them as telling them from his memory. Giving it his own voice instead of the author’s. And lil’ Leo can hear that daddy likes these stories too. c: 

:bulletpurple:Donatello doesn’t mind a good bedtime story, but if you let this little obsessive compulsive bundle of brains pick the nightly literature, he’ll get a book on whatever subject he’s currently interested in. He can read fairly well for his young age and has a craving to see the text. And read the text. And hold the book while reading the text. :stare: 

:bulletred:Raphael has a soft spot for stories with princes and princesses. He does enjoy the Japanese tales just as much as Leo, but Raph often ends up picking the book with fairytales since he knows that Leo always will pick the Japanese one. He denies having any interest in the romantic aspect of the story, and claims to just like how the bad guy “bites it” after being so mean to the girl. :mardy: emote 

But of course (as always) everything here is up to everyone's own interpretation. :D

These reactions were partly based on some suggestions from :icongameguy199:
Thank you! :love:

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Atsuko16Kasha's avatar

future raph: *becomes fairy tale princess*

Myrling's avatar

Interestingly, he DID dress up as a fairy princess in the Nickelodeon Halloween game. :D Though, I think it was hinted that it was the only costume left for him to pick... (though he still dressed up in it, so I don't think he minded that much. :nod: )

Flamingmew2's avatar

According to Mikey from the fifth season, he did 😂

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This makes me feel all warm a squishy inside. I also love that Raph likes the fairy tales. It's so in character for him; though with a heart or gold.

Myrling's avatar

Awww, thank you so much, that means a lot!! :tighthug: :heart:

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Very cuteness Donatello love read books if we turtle to be like sister with 4 brothers 
Myrling's avatar
Donatello likes to learn new things. :D And reading is only one of many things to do that. :aww: Unfortunately, it doesn't make his choice of reading material any more entertaining for his brothers... :XD:
QueenWoomyRose48688's avatar
I was reading Donnie's and you kinda rhymed the words like a poem! I don't know if that's intended or now, but I still think that's pretty cool! ^^
Ashanthehedgehog's avatar

i know that from i was starting to read.

i likey

Myrling's avatar
That's correct! The texts rhymes. :D Thank you for noticing and for liking it! :happybounce:
Hannahthepadawan's avatar
Omg I just noticed that too
rayray200's avatar
deviantbaboon's avatar
Gush, That's probably a beginning of the cutest ninja turtle story both for kids and adults. 
Myrling's avatar
N'aaw, thank you! :happybounce:
Luthedy's avatar
lmfao raph,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the next snow white
Myrling's avatar
"Snow White is awesome! She runs away from home to live in the forest with a bunch of hard working dwarfs. And she survived a poisonous apple!" Tmnt Raph smug smile GIF 50px 
Luthedy's avatar
Snow White needs a movie reboot 👌
JolliLolli's avatar
Give Donnie some credit, he does technically pick out a good bedtime story that puts EVERYONE to sleep.
Myrling's avatar
Well in THAT regard, Donnie certainly picked the best bedtime story. :XD:
theC19's avatar
I like the look Raph gives the others. It says "screw off. Screw all the way off."
Myrling's avatar
That's pretty much it I believe. :D Little-Raph doesn't care what anyone thinks. Hero Time 
Autumngirl20's avatar
Um.... Raph love fairy tale? I think Raph don't like fairy tale, he love fighting. He grow up.. maybe?
Myrling's avatar
I think Raph liked fairy tales as a kid. :D I don't doubt that he likes comic books and adventure stories as well, but I think he'd get more into that as he grows older. In this comic, he's a very smol bean who is acting a lot more macho than he truly is. :meow: It's alright if you don't agree, though. Everyone has their own ideas of what their favorite characters are like. :aww:
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