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Turtle Tots React - Bath time

By Myrling
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I felt that it was time for something a little more colorful in my gallery.

SO! As promised: here’s another Turtle Tots React! :dummy: I’ve wanted to make a bath-related one for a good while now, so I got really happy when people suggested it in the last TTR! :heart: And therefore, I knew that this had to be the next one. :D

:bulletblue: I think Leo would be really into hot baths, both as a kid and as a teen. :nod: And don't worry. A couple of near-drowning accidents later, Splinter finally figures out that his turtle boys actually can hold their breath for quite a while compared to normal children.

:bulletorange: For Mikey, it isn’t as much bath time as it is PLAY TIME! :la: I’m not sure if he actually gets any cleaner after his baths, or just wetter. Splinter certainly does. (Also; I had a lot of fun designing and deciding what toys he should have with him… :XD: )

:bulletpurple: I don’t think Donnie sees baths as either relaxing or fun. ^^; He has his own ways to relax or have fun, and merely considers the bath tub an interruption. I guess he actually would be a bit fussy about it when he was younger, but then realized that "hey, the faster I get done, the faster I can go back to what I was doing".

:bulletred: Raph dislikes baths even more than he dislikes being carried. The reason Splinter looks so disgruntled is because this is the third tub the little hothead knocks over.

I have a couple of themes left that I want to do for TTR, but I highly encourage any suggestions! :happybounce:
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Fictionalfoxy's avatar

Hamato Raphael, I will personally hold you still as Splinter scrubs you clean, you little adorable turd.

SapphireSeafoam's avatar

Raphael is like me. Taking baths is a waste of time... But I have to T-T

Myrling's avatar

It's especially important when you ive in a sewer. :XD:

SapphireSeafoam's avatar


fortunately I don't live in a sewer then XD

and btw...


Myrling's avatar

Haha! I bet that there are upsides with living in a sewer, but personal hygiene ain't one of them. :XD:

And you sure diiiid! :dummy: (I realized I hadn't check DA for like three months, so I'm stoping by a quicky to answer comments. :D )

SapphireSeafoam's avatar

yeah XD

woooooowww im AMAZED 8D

sry XD it's just interesting and nice to talk to people like you, because some folks in high places don't bother interacting with their watchers at all and it's kinda depressing lol

Jackosya's avatar

Look, man, you got right in my heart. Two out of two! I love ninja turtles and I love bathrooms. (Rafael is the best) I can believe the turtles are gonna splash in the hot tub, by the way. But here's how I imagine cleaning them afterwards, so you can understand it's not an easy task (here's an instruction manual So I doubt Splinter would have let them in there so easily;)

Myrling's avatar

Haha! :D Well, I'm happy I could provide some enjoyment! :heart:

Ashanthehedgehog's avatar

man I think that it is quite hard to get the clean water since they do live in the sewers and speaking of bath time for raph, boi you need your bath cuz you DO LIVE IN A SEWER

Myrling's avatar

That's a good question! I'm agonna assume there are some plumbing nearby that they have hijacked and use for clean water. :meow: And yes, Raph, YOU SMELL LIKE A SEWER JUST TAKE THE BATH.

Nakuru-Nebelung's avatar
You shpuld draw this ones again :D they were very funny
Myrling's avatar

I do have a document with at least one page of Turtle Tots Shennanigans. :D Perhaps one day, I could revisit this for old times sake. :meow:

moonlight13822003's avatar
Leo is so cute😂❤
Myrling's avatar

Aww, I'm so happy you think that! :happybounce:

ThePinkSheep1's avatar
Of course Raph thinks it's stupid, because he's a hothead! Raphael Angry Glare Emoticon 
Myrling's avatar

Better COOL DOWN that hot head of yours, Raph. Sunglasses are good

Cassim-Fan's avatar
Hahah, Splinter on top, "MY BABY!!!!" Granted it's a perfect time for him to freak out.
Ashanthehedgehog's avatar

that is what donnie said in both RISE of the tmnt and 2k12 tmnt

it was halirious

Myrling's avatar
Lol! :D "My favorite son is in danger!!" :nuu:
Cassim-Fan's avatar
He'd react that way for any of them in this situation.
AnnaKatCat's avatar
I love at the last part Raph was like NOPE NOT GONNA HAPPENED 😂
Myrling's avatar
Lol! :D Raph was a very assertive child, which only amplified as he grew older... :XD:
PrincesssTwilight123's avatar
F**k this S*it I'm out 
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