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Turtle Tots React - Babies

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Okay, I was saving this for next week, but since apparently no one got a new TMNT-episode yesterday (not US, nor UK), I had to cheer myself up somehow…Sad dummy And perhaps this will brighten up someone else’s day as well. :nod:

So. BABIES! :dummy: I have to admit that I’m breaking one of my own TTR-policies now. ^^; My initial intention with these comics was to only show the turtle tots reacting to things that could actually have happened when they were kids. But someone suggested this subject a long time ago, and it was so fricking cute and fun that I couldn’t stop myself…! :nuu: So… Yeah. We’re doing these now. It's more interesting this way. :la:

A huge thanks to Hashiree and Suzukiwee1357 for being such sweethearts and letting me babysit their OCs for this comic. :happybounce: Instead of doodling one random nameless toddler, I wanted to use some cuties that already exists. And then I remembered seeing a couple of adorable baby pictures of Remy and Caesar and thought they would be perfect! :lovesquee:  I had so much fun drawing them, so I really hope I managed to do their cuteness justice… scared.... 'the 2nd'

:bulletred:Raphael is directly based on myself when it comes to babies. They are cute on pics and from afar, but he’s terrified of interacting with them. He has no idea of what to do and is certain that nothing good can come from him holding one. The same goes for me with other people’s iPhones. I tend to accidentally press buttons I’m not supposed to, and even drop them… :frightened: 

:bulletpurple:Donatello always wants to share his knowledge with others, but his family rarely shares his interests or enthusiasm. But babies are whole different story. Babies are constantly absorbing information and experiences, so of course he wants to make sure that they get the good stuff. Also, babies can’t leave. Babies HAVE to listen. Though, Caesar seems to have other priorities at the moment. :meow:

:bulletorange:Michelangelo might seem like the perfect babysitter, except for the fact that he’s not always paying attention to the baby. But they do have great fun together, and he will never grow bored of playing with them. On a side note, it was most likely Mikey who handed Raph baby Remy to begin with. Because payback. c:

:bulletblue:Leonardo might also seem like the perfect babysitter, and he is. According to him. He’s well aware of how important it is to take good care of babies, and he will do everything to make sure you won’t regret trusting him with this great responsibility. The prodigy son did everything right, and is now awaiting the praise he deserves. You’re welcome. :nod: 

And if you want to read more Turtle Tots React-comics, you can find all of them in this folder:…

:iconhashiree: Caesar belongs to Hashiree
:iconsuzukiwee1357: Remy belongs to Suzukiwee1357

:bulletblack:I am not the owner or creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
:bulletblack:This work is purely fan made and has no affiliation with the official release or merchandise.
:bulletblack:I make no monetary gain from this artwork. This drawing is only made out of appreciation and love for the characters it depictures.

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Grc22877's avatar

ohmygosh, you used ducktails in this! YES!

Laurakie87's avatar
Flamingmew2's avatar

Omg Mikey has a Gizmoduck toy

Myrling's avatar

The BEST toy! :D :heart:

Flamingmew2's avatar

Darkwing Duck: traitor

moonlight13822003's avatar
Myrling's avatar

Good boy, Leo! :la:

Ashanthehedgehog's avatar

and that is why leo iis my favourite character in all tmnt (also ralph in rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles) but mostly leo

i dont understand something

me - ralph has a pet named spike(who you might know him as slash)who is like a baby and ralph cant take care of him

also me - bruh he is a friccing baby

other me - but still be like leo he is a baby yet he can take care of a baby

other also me - ok you made a point

ok i also know why ralph is mostly angry. He is angry because he is sensitive and he hates getting teased at.

Myrling's avatar

Interesting points! :D And yeah, I can imagine that Raph feels tha he has an image of a badass to keep up, and he gets self-conscious when people tease him for being sensitive. :nod: And that of course makes him angry... ^^;

Zanzibar-2000's avatar
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THANK YOU :dummy: :heart: Gizmoduck is an old childhood hero for me, so I couldn't resist to sneak him into the picture. :XD:
Ashanthehedgehog's avatar

"pop up poop

DR. Myrling"


Zanzibar-2000's avatar
Again, brilliant :la: this makes me respect you more :D
is that toy duck Mikey is playing with form Ducktails?
Myrling's avatar
That would be Gizmoduck, the one and only! :hero:  ...but Mikey doesn't know that. :XD:
BlazeHeartPanther's avatar
^^ The diaper slipping on the baby is cute
Myrling's avatar
The diaper slipping situation is reaching critical levels...!! :nuu:
BlazeHeartPanther's avatar
It was lose all sense of stillness and begin plumbing to the floor and breakneck speed
And now Raph has his own baby XD
Myrling's avatar
Haha, yup! :D Who would have thought that? :XD: (Not Raph, I can assure you that...!)
lynnajens's avatar
Is that a Gizmoduck figure that Mikey is playing with?! 
Myrling's avatar
The one and only!! :D Good eye, there! :la:
lynnajens's avatar
Thanks. To be honest the only reason I noticed that was because I've been watching the new Ducktales reboot and Fenton (Gizmoduck) is one of my favourite characters!
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