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Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles


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Squirtle, go Squirtle, GO! :dummy: 

Seems oddly fitting to finish this around the same time as the launch of Pokémon GO... :XD: 

This was a request from :iconaliecole: who was one of the two winners in the 2000-watchers competition I had a couple of months ago. :nod: She wanted a picture of the Turtle Tots drawn as little Squirtles, and even though this idea has already been visited (just google for "TMNT" and "squirtles", there's an insane amount of squirtle-turtles of there), I haven't seen anyone do this with the 2012-turtles. :aww: And not as turtle tots. :D And that's what made the idea compelling enough for me to want to drawn it! :happybounce: I had lotsa fun~:love: 

My only regret is that I couldn't for my life find a way to include April dressed as Misty... :saddummy: It wasn't mentioned in the request, but I think it would have been glorious~:heart:

Link to this on tumblr:…

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LOL! i like those little ones.

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Go Squirtle, go Squirtle, GO! XD

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Is Splinter a Raticate

I had idea like this a long time ago, but my brother didn't like it.

I’ve seen a few of these TMNT squirrels on the web and haven’t been impressed, but I absolutely love this. I’ve been looking at your art long before I got this account.

*sighs* I should’ve tried to learn how to do some computer art during this whole... 2020 garbage a la mode.

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Ash's favorite tv show

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Why is this not a thing? Why is this not official? I would pay double for this thing period!
Myrling's avatar

That's so incredible kind of you to say! :glomp: Thank you! :heart:

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You need to draw master splinter as a pokemon and not just any, Yes a ratatat is the logical choice, but can we get creative about what else is there? Pikachu I will accept, but it has been done to death.
Awesomegamergal15's avatar

That is so adorable!~❤

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Thanks a bunch! :squee:

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They look so cute!
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Thank you so much! :huggle::heart:
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Thank you! Squirtle 
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no problem i think they would do that if they got the rights to pokemon
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nice job coming up with that pretty funny and adorable.
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Thank you! :happybounce: The Turtle Squirtles were a suggestion from Aliecole, and being a fan of both Pokémon and TMNT, I absolutely loved that idea. :love:
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