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TMNT - Stop Fighting

By Myrling
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It's been a while since I posted a Turtle Tot comic that isn't a react-one. :meow: So I found this old sketch and jazzed it up with some outlines and colors! :la:

I'd like to think that Donnie was acting as the group's peacemaker when they were kids. Whenever Leo and Raph were at each other, and Mikey didn't know how to avoid a full out war between them, he'd get Donnie. And the situation would quickly be resolved with the power of the stick of diplomacy! :dummy: Though, as Donnie grew older, I think he gradually grew tired of trying to fix something that just kept breaking... :XD:

And why isn't Splinter intervening, you ponder? Because Splinter doesn't have to. Donnie's got the situation under control. :hero:

Link to this on Tumblr:…

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Donnie with the staff because he has had enough of Mikey whining to him

ImagionationStation's avatar

That's what I call knocking sense into his brothers! Nice going, lil' D! :clap:

Laurakie87's avatar
Laurakie87's avatar

Who-hoo!! way to go little donnie!!!:clap:

SkittlesGalore27's avatar

So cute,i would be nice to see Donnie make Leo and Raph stop fighting someday

ThePinkSheep1's avatar
Donnie to the rescue for Mikey!!
Myrling's avatar
Go B-team GO! :la:
Tiny Donnie Heart Tiny Mikey Heart 
KaijuMaster107's avatar
I see Donnies taking after splinter here in this pic :) 
Myrling's avatar
"Well done my son."Tmnt Splinter Laughing GIF 50px 
KaijuMaster107's avatar
shame Raph go nothing from his dads teachings except stopping Slash with a pressure point based attack.
Laurakie87's avatar

HAHA...yup, that's how it seems...:D

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You just got dunked on by child Donnie who eats batteries in his spare time
Ashanthehedgehog's avatar


bruh that is hilarious Sonic Laughing Emoticon

i can stop laughing at that:D

Myrling's avatar
EXACTLY! :XD: Donnie is NOT to be messed with! :dummy: *waves stick around*
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Geez, Leo and Raph are always fighting /=
Myrling's avatar
Yeah... ^^; Mikey and Donnie could teach them a few things. :dummy: TMNT Donnie + Mikey Gif Icon 
JustSomePainter11's avatar
Yeah XD 

and that pic you added there, that's my favorite funny scene in the show XD
Ashanthehedgehog's avatar

yea mikey is playing donnie's head like a bongo drum lol

wolfstarsecret's avatar
Lol I’m Ralph when it comes to a game where my brothers refuse to give me the ball...
Myrling's avatar
Even if it doesn't count on a bounce? :D
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yo, I was looking back at this and I just remembered that in TMNT 2003 Donnie actually stopped Leo and Raph from fighting once (probably multiple times but I'm barely finishing season 3 haha) Blueb Bounce just a fun fact Party blob 
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