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TMNT - In the dark of the night

By Myrling
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Raph’s line in the last panel: “This is yours.”

And Raph is actually trying to be nice here. :XD: He recognizes his shortcomings when it comes to comforting Michelangelos, so he redirects his baby brother to someone who is more qualified for that kind of job. :aww: And thus reminding Splinter that there’s no such thing as ‘time off’ for a single parent. ^^; Plus, Mikey is a cover hog…

As you might have noticed, I’m playing with a new coloring style. :la: I’ve always really admired how :icondreamkeepers: color their comics, but I could never figure out how they manage to keep the original sketches and make them looks so pretty and neat! :nuu: … Until I actually took the time to ask mother Google, who politely directed me to a shading tutorial-video where David (with the help of a very disgruntled John Cleese) shows me everything I’ve ever wanted to know. :happybounce:

... I can't seem to stop drawing turtle tots.
Omg I gets present

:bulletblack:I am not the owner or creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
:bulletblack:This work is purely fan made and has no affiliation with the official release or merchandise.
:bulletblack:I make no monetary gain from this artwork. This drawing is only made out of appreciation and love for the characters it depictures.

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Why did Raphael hate him so much?

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Raph dropped Mikey like a mic.

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Thank you, I needed that laugh!

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Yay! :heart: You're welcome! :D
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Raph is a better brother when he's not trying to sleep... :XD:
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Don't stop doing your comics cause they make me laugh so hard that I can't breathe.
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Oh my gosh, that's such a nice thing to say!! :squee: Thank you so much! :love:
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Very Well Drawn. 

Also out of curiosity do you take request?
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Thank you! :D

Unfortunately, I don't take requests at the moment. ^^;
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Your Welcome.

 okay then maybe another time do you at least want to hear what my idea was?
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I was wondering if you could have drawn a Character from this book I am writing her name is Courtney Tucker she looks like a eight year old version of April'O Neil.

I will send her story buy note. 
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Great drawings every time I see this I just imagine splinter going ohf(can envision word in head but not sure of spelling for it)when Mikey gets dropped on him
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Raph drops Mikey on Splinter's ribs
"OOF!"  Tmnt Splinter blinks GIF 50px

Lol! :XD: And thank you so much for liking my drawings! :love:
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Thanks for the word spelling wasn't completely sire if that was the right one when thought of it. Your drawings are good
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Me and my oldest brother all the way hahaha memories.
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Haha! :D Be nice to each other, 'kay? ;P
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Hahaha always :) :D lol
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