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TMNT - Guessing Game

By Myrling
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I have a feeling that some identical twins might recognize themselves in this comic. It’s always fun to trick your parents, right? Until you realize that your own mom or dad doesn’t see what makes you unique from your sibling… :XD:

This comic started out as a simple desire to draw Nickelodeon’s turtles in the red bandanas they had in the original comic books. As I understand it, they were only granted their “designated colors” in the 87-show because they were too hard to tell apart. And no matter what version, you’ve always been more or less dependable on their colors in order to make sure of which turtle is which.
   But thanks to the 2012 incarnation, you can now easily do that without looking at their bandanas! :la: Eye colors, freckles, chipped plastron… Even their silhouettes are distinct from each other. And this is one of the reasons why I find this show so interesting. :nod:

I wanted their reactions at the end to kinda summon up their characters: Donnie is concerned about Splinter’s apparently declining vision, Leo is deeply ashamed for having exposed his highly respected master’s embarrassing weakness, Raph (the one and only) is horrified over the fact that Splinter couldn’t single him out from his less amazing brothers, and Mikey… Well, daddy didn’t recognize him. ^^;

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:bulletblack:I make no monetary gain from this artwork. This drawing is only made out of appreciation and love for the characters it depictures.

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But it's Mirage Studio
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Mikey has freckles, Donnie has a gap in his teeth, Raph has a cracked plastron, and Leo has those beautiful bright blue eyes.

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These idiots....but who can stay mad at them?

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Splinter will try, but ultimately fail. :D

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Morons. Children. Same thing~ :dummy:

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I’m surprised they didn’t instead realize that they had clear differences that made them stand out 
Mikey: Freckles 
Raph: Lighting-Bolt scar on shell
Donnie: Missing Tooth
Leo: ... doesn’t really have any clear things 😅
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Lol! Kids aren't known to be the brightest... :XD:

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hahahaha every time I read this it brings a smile to my face :D
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That makes me super happy to hear!! :happybounce: It was my first TMNT comic I posted here, so it has a special place in my heart. :heart:

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Hahaha~ bull's eye! XD

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Lol! :D I wonder why they never tried this again...

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Ah, the joys of being a father.
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With aaaaall the perks and problems that comes with raising 4 boys single handely! :dummy:
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Pfff, ahh the joys and troubles of being a single parent of four and four boys at that 
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I can only imagine the horror... scared.... 'the 2nd'  Splinter is a god damn superhero.:hero: 
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XD my mom can't handle my brother half the time and ahe has my dad so yes he is a superhero hahahaha 
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Poor Master Splinter. 
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Yeah, he can't win with this one... ^^;
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 The game is so silly that reminds me Ouran High School Host Club twin fight 
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I love Ouran Host Club!! :squee: And yeah, this is very similar to Hikaru and Kaoru's guessing game. :la:
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Spliter is like "I never gonna along with this again" XDDDD
I'm dying here, my gosh XPP
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