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TMNT - Grandpa Splinter

By Myrling
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On popular demand: Splinter meeting his granddaughter. :la: I kinda imagine him putting on a pretend-stern face when entering the kitchen, holding up Irrilia and asking the turtles to explain the origins of this child. Just to watch the boys squirm for his own amusement. :giggle:

So I guess this is officially a series now. Darnit. :XD: But it’s hard to NOT draw this family when reading your wonderful comments and seeing all the INCREDIBLE fan art out there! I literally have no words. Too much happiness makes Myrling a stupid girl. c: 

I’ve been a little less productive than I’d like to these last two weeks… ^^; Mostly because of computer related problems. My laptop crashed on Valentine’s Day, and I couldn’t access my files (the script to Hindsight among them), so now I’m looking for a new one that isn’t too expensive… :saddummy:

Well! At least my pen and paper still works. :dummy:

Salamandrian head canon 82-ish: Salamandrian infants are fairly independent for their young age. They are a bit bigger and sturdier than human babies, and being a warrior race, it may not come as a surprise that Salamandrian newborns can fend for themselves to a small degree. Such as crawling to safety in order to escape an enemy (or their mothers’ jaws).

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Raph is pissed but worried so hey that's good so he'll be better as a father but he has been a good not great but good sibling to the other three so eesh

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This must of brought back memories for Splinter.

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- Raphael 2020

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Dawwww!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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I don't know what is going on exactly because I don't watch the new shows but this warms my heart.

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I drew this thing, and not even I'm sure how to explain it... :XD: But I'm happy you like it! :heart:

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🤣🤣🤣 this is both funny and cute!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you so much!!!! :happybounce:

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I loved this cute moment between Splinter and his granddaughter! We already saw Splinter's and the brothers' reactions. How would the other members of the gang ( the Mutanimals, April, Casey and Karai) react??
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I'm so happy that you liked this little grandpa/granddaughter moment~ :love:

Not sure about Mutanimals, but Karai's reaction I imagine would be similar to her reaction to children in general. :XD: Hmm... I think I had a sketch of Casey and April babysitting Irrilia. Might I'll share that. :meow:

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Awww Splinter and Irilia,How 😍
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how did this happened?? i am very confused plz help

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The grandpa and granddaughter we never got, but totally deserve! :hero:

I'd get them matching sweaters... :meow:

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Ahah, my heart😭
Myrling's avatar

I'll get you a new one, ASAP! Runaway Heart

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Oh Raphael...Splinter wants to have a word with you.
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Ha ha! :D That's gonna be an interesting conversation. :meow:
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Raphael is going to have a rough lecture and have his topside exploits followed closely.
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