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TMNT - Big Brothers

By Myrling
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Some kind of "Teens vs Tots" interpretation of a screenshot from the episode "Annihilation earth" (season 3 final), and which has absolutely NOTHING to do with the actual episode itself. :aww: Spoiler free! (So let's not reveal too much about the episode in the comment section, m'kay? :meow: Just in case. Or use spoiler-warnings in your post.)

The oldest brothers decided to stay up way past bedtime to watch a horror flick. Turns out that they have a rather slim conception of what the genre can offer. :la:

I had to drew a little something-something based on that scene. :heart: They just looked so adorkable and cute~ SO MUCH LUFF  And I needed to cheer myself up a little... Sad dummy  *post season final blues*

Fun fact: in the original sketch, they were eating ordinary non-algae breakfast. Then my sister took one look at it and stated "Nope. They can't have that. They live in the sewers." I tried to argue my case by telling her that surely Splinter could have gotten his paws on people food at SOME point when the turtles were kids, or at least find the ingredients in a dumpster. She shot me down with one sentence. "If he went to the topside, then who would watch the kids?" ... I yielded. ^^;  The recipe for algae pancakes is a Hamato-family secret.

(And I've just learned that it's not a good idea to the delete a post if someone has already reblogged it. :dummy: There's now a smaller "ghost" version of this picture floating around in Tumblr castle now... If you see it, say hi from me! :nod:)

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algae pancakes are for good boys Mikey, and their either tired from the movie, splinter's lecture or both. And Leo...he's traumatized from the movie and possibly splinter's rage.

idk why your mad Raph...when your a teen you literally use an arm (a robot arm) to seal a door.

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At least Raph is to tired to pound Mikey for the day.

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And this is why me and my sister were never allowed to watch horror movies growing up well that and one other reason
mcke17's avatar

Anyone wanna watch Final Destination? :devilish:

tmntg's avatar

Poor Leo. :( I feel so sorry for him

Myrling's avatar

Traumatized lil' leader... ^^;

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Tiny Leo shouldn't be watching scary movies. :meow:

Tiny Leo is gonna need therapy. :heart:

KaijuMaster107's avatar
U might have just traumatized him! XD!
Myrling's avatar
Thank you so much!! :glomp: :heart:
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I can imagine the older brothers watching it in 'secret' so, at least, Mikey wouldn't be scared.
Myrling's avatar
That is probably one of the reasons. :D
The other might have been that they didn't trust little Mikey to be quiet or keep a secret... :XD:
Tmnt Mikey BIG eyes GIF 50px 
calmoose415's avatar

And he also probably too young to watch them anyway.

StarflightBoi's avatar
*scrapes fork on table since paranoid*
And Raph's face on the last panel is PRICELESS
Nyla2020's avatar
Raph face is my face every morning before school.
HellOfWorld's avatar
that's my face every morning XD 
StarflightBoi's avatar
That's my face on a Monday morning :lol: rvmp  
Myrling's avatar
Leo may be just a smidge traumatized... ^^; 
And Raph probably wishes he had gotten more then 3 hours of sleep. :XD:
StarflightBoi's avatar
yeah. I wish I could draw the turtles like you. 
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Awwwww Leo's gonna be paranoid after watching that movie😂😂
PeskyGirl19's avatar
I thought he was upset that Splinter scolded him.
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