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Stages of twilight

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When the sky glows orange at the end of day
A curious ninja comes out to play

And as the sun goes down, in a deep red hue
A fiercer ninja joins in too

The lack of warmth brings a purple sky
And a clever ninja, with a watchful eye

And as the night turns blue in shade
A silent ninja draws his blade

But when the city bathe in morning light
No more ninjas are left in sight


This is for the October challenge by :icontmntcontests:. The theme this month is “Under the stars” and this is my contribution. :nod:

Thank you so much for voting!!! :happy:  Everyone! You're the BEST!! OMGsqueeeee.... SO MUCH LUFF:love: 
… And I’m pretty happy with this one. I have to be! I’ve spent too much time on it to allow my crappy self-esteem to ruin this for me! :nuu: I even spent hours researching stages of twilight to get this sucker right! I had no idea that they have different names...

These are the terms according the source I found:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Michelangelo’s yellow/orange sky is the earliest of stages and is called sweet light.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Raphael’s background is apparently civil twilight.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Donatello is seen during the nautical stage of twilight.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - And Leonardo got the astronomical stage, which is better known by its fancier name "night".

I don't think I've ever put so much thought into a picture before. Every detail, every shadow, and especially the poses have been carefully considered before executed. I wonder if anyone will notice...? ^^; Also; I listened to "Tarzan boy" while drawing this. A lot

You can find the other great contributions over here: :)

:bulletblack:I am not the owner or creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
:bulletblack:This work is purely fan made and has no affiliation with the official release or merchandise.
:bulletblack:I make no monetary gain from this artwork. This drawing is only made out of appreciation and love for the characters it depictures.

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How did you come up with those rhymes?!

TMNTGirl507's avatar

This is so pretty! I also really liked your poem. Great job! :D

Myrling's avatar
Thanks a bunch! :squee: I think this was my first real attempt of making TMNT fanart. :meow: I'm happy that people still like it, as well as the poem! :heart:
DibstaRP's avatar
Love the poem too. :)
Myrling's avatar
Aww, thank you so much!! :happybounce:
DibstaRP's avatar
You’re welcome!
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This is just beautiful
Myrling's avatar
Thanks a bunch!! :happybounce: :heart:
4evrAllfand0ms's avatar
This is SO amazing! I fell in love with this masterpiece at first sight! 😍👏👏👏💘
Myrling's avatar
Thank you so much!! :glomp: :heart: That means a lot to me! :love:
CLG-Artisa's avatar

I found this wonderful art again.

Myrling's avatar
Welcome back! :D

And thank you for the fave! :happybounce:
CLG-Artisa's avatar
You're most certainly welcome! ^-^
UninversalExplorer13's avatar
I heard Mikey's is called Golden Hour.
Myrling's avatar
Don't tell him that! You'll never hear the end of it... :fear:

"Hear what?" Tmnt Mikey Happy GIF 50px
Raphianna-Hamato's avatar
Out of curiosity, did you come up with the rhymes to this picture?
Myrling's avatar
I did! :happybounce: It almost took more time than making the picture. ^^;
Raphianna-Hamato's avatar
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Did you bend the twilight sunset and night together because it's beautiful and pretty to see sunsets are pretty and amazing to see the sun that set very cool. :)
Myrling's avatar
Well, I have always been fascinated by how colorful the sky get at twilight and discovered by accident that the turtles designated colors can all be found in the sky the closer we get to night time. :happybounce: It was cool to draw and I'm super happy to hear people enjoy it.SO MUCH LUFF 
ADickson10193's avatar
I like that and can you tell that each color it's the color of each Turtles mask color around their eyes.? XD
ADickson10193's avatar
Should the last panel be for April she can be out in pubic then the Turtles the most after all she's human and the turtles are mutants but we all still loved them all?. :)
Myrling's avatar
It's funny you say that, because in one of my earlier sketches, I did actually put April in the last panel when the morning light is out! :D I don't remember why she didn't make it to the finished drawing though, it could have been because of lack of time (I made this for a contest) or I couldn't find a good way to include her... Shrug 
ADickson10193's avatar
I'm good at that sometimes. XD
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