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I haven't posted a journal entry in almost two years so I decided to take this opportunity to write about the Makilna.  Two years ago I decided to revamp my fictional galaxy, changing anything and everything I saw fit in order to create something I'm far more proud of.  One of my first steps was a timeline change, completely changing the Makilnas history.  It was a big step but one that was desperately needed.  Over the years I had written different Makilna based stories and connected them to each other creating a convoluted timeline.  The revamp has since solved that but got me thinking that I could use this opportunity along with what I've learned to create a new galaxy map.

I hadn't planned on making a new galaxy map two years ago but I'm glad I spent the time on the new maps.  While I like how the new galaxy looks compared to the old one, the new arrangement of sectors is perhaps my favourite feature.  The old arrangement was a simple one and while I never considered it terrible it was not the best either.  The new maps sector arrangement was inspired by the Mass Effect galaxy and  based around the new pre-Infinite War map.

Recently I posted several planet images, most of the planets I had posted before, but the new images have a different layout style.  Now, this is something I've wanted to do for some time and I'm really proud of the overall design with these.  My goal with this was to make the planet database images look like they could actually belong in the fictional universe they are meant to be part of.  If you lived in the Makilna and accessed the planet database, this is what you would get.

My starship projects are still under way as well.  The Dreadnought is getting close to being complete, or rather complete enough that I could use it in more pictures and future projects.  My only other design right now is the Skirmisher and I haven't spent much time with that yet.  Hopefully I'll spend more time working on that and can get some new images on that along with some new pictures with the two ships together.

I've done more work on the Makilna but all of that is written and so hasn't made it's way to deviantart just yet.  Once I've finished/changed/fixed more of that I'm planning on posting my Guide to the Makilna Galaxy.  Essentially, it's my master compendium of information on all things Makilna.

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