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Europan Conflicts: Volkssturm (Militia Squad)



From Left to Right, Top to Bottom

Schützen - Rifleman
Grenadier - Assault Rifleman
Fähnrich - Brevet Corporal
Sanitäter - Medic
Pioniere - Engineer
Stabsunteroffizier - Brevet Sergeant
Schützen - Designated Marksman
Pioniere- Engineer
Grenadier - Assault Rifleman
Pioniere- Engineer

The Volkssturm is the largest "organized" detachment of the Eastern Europan Imperial Alliance militias and is comprised entirely of conscripts with varying levels of experience. These men and women of all races and genders can be as young as 15 to old enough they might as well be in the coffin. While the EEIA has mandatory conscription and all of its citizens have some level of training, most are experienced from hunting or working in secondary and tertiary reserve roles or being former soldiers. Contrary to the normal Grenadier Korps, the Volkssturm has no official hierarchy or structure and are instead organized on demand at the Company level attached to support dedicated military formations. Brevet ranks are awarded based on merit and capability but heavily favor former soldiers with experience. Depicted in this picture is a 1908 pattern of the Western Districts of Alemannia who have mobilized for civil defense operations against foreign invasion.

Disclaimer: The Europan Conflicts is an Alternate Universe which has magic and high fantasy elements in it based on a Dieselpunk setting which is between the eras of the Weltkrieg and the Second Weltkrieg. The use of certain symbols, ethnic groups, and or ideologies has no correlation to the historical events and in many cases, other than adopting the uniforms and naming conventions, share no correlation to any historical relevancy. Weapons and field positions are not supposed to be historically accurate or even be from the same time period. 

This is the second of ten art boards for a variety of different units which make up the Land Army or Reichsarmee of the Eastern Europan Imperial Alliance. All art is drawn by the artist Deiti, you can find him here if you are interested in commissioning them or to look at some of their other content:…
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I feel like it wouldn't be a terrible idea to at least equip them with fragmentation resistant armor.

Your assault guy might even warrant steel plate vests similar to the SN-42 to at least repel pistol rounds and shotgun hits, plus give a close quarters edge.