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Allanon, Druid of Shannara

Another non-original image, this one from Terry Brooks' Shannara novels. I've always been fascinated with Brooks' portrayal of Allanon as a druid-warrior-mage-cleric. He doesn't really fit into any of your typical Fantasy stereotypes entirely, and this image captures that well.

Anyway, this is one of my earliest serious attempts at drawing, and it's pretty much an exact copy of a pencil illustration in one of the earlier copies of the Shannara Trilogy.
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Great piece. I used it in a blog post I wrote. [link]
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Awesome! I don't know how I missed this comment back in 2012, but a belated thanks for the feature.
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I think it's still good, though. I sure can't draw like that. :(... You should try to draw Bremen from First King of Shannara. That may give you a bit of a challenge!! Or Tay, either one would be really cool!!
its a very good peice, and it looks great, but at least in my eyes fails to capture his full stature and presence. He also appears a bit on the short side. But, all in all its a very nice peice. =)
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Unfortunately you are correct about his shortness - the mat board was already cut before I started drawing. Meh, that's how we learn!
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