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It... it actually... -does- look much better without a face...! O_o Holy crudcakes. You may have just sparked my as-yet-nonexistant interest in Shopkins! Much much better without a face! haha :)

Speaking of faces, this girl's face is really cute!! You did a great job! :D She reminds me of Rapunzel lol. The eyes are actually not that badly uneven! If anything, she seems to have a bit more of the brown upper eyelid going on on her left eye than her right. But the overall shapes of the eyes actually seem pretty even/symmetrical! AND - those eyebrows are really even too, and you did great on the hair look for them! :D

Just a tip that may help you later on - Try turning the doll upside-down when you draw the eye you think you'll have the most trouble with. Me personally, I feel like I always do the left eye better than the right. If you turn it upside down, you'll be less focused on whether it looks like an eye, and more focused on whether it's symmetrical. It's a trick often used for drawing, but I've found it works on doll faces fairly well too, although it'll take you some getting used to.

But overall I think you did great!! :D
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teaunicorn Featured By Owner May 7, 2017  Student Digital Artist
RIGHT LIKE the designs are pretty cute its just the americans tryna make kawaii faces and failing so miserably lmao!

tysm for the tip tho, that's a great idea! i'll give it a go, thx!
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