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Days Gone By...

When family cannot be here
Havin' journeyed far and wide
We sing a song to honor them
To remember days gone by

So take your cup and raise it high
Just as surely I'll do mine
And laugh we will at stories told
As we smile at days gone by
As we smile at days gone by

For family not here, my dears
Havin' journeyed far and wide
For loyalty and kindness both
We smile at days gone by...


Days Gone By (Auld Lang Syne) is sung by Michelle(Apple-Bloom),Ashleigh(AppleJack) and Granny Smith(Tabitha)
from the The Pony kind of Christmas album ;u;
It's soo beautiful ;o;
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im not a mlp fan anymore but this is cute
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Such warm colors, very friendly and inviting~ Heartwarming picture :3 Nice work!

Also, gonna have to check that song out now. But first, to prepare for the feels...
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Very lovely artwork with a heartwarming song to go with it! :)
I love this song!
I am having a really bad day. My study schedule is chewed up by replacing it with me paying the bills today. (sighs)
This artwork does look very lovely. :)
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This is one of the best songs in mlp history
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Love dem apples Heart 
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This song always brings a tear to my eye...  Cry forever 
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Think Apple 
    :) (Smile)  "Best song."
You know, it's weird. They turned what was basically a drinking song into something rather heartwarming and reflecting.
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Such a cute art style!
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Thank you~ >u<
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