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Cinder v2

Hi everyone! I did this piece last year, but decided to put more effort to it. This final touch seems to make a huge difference, doesn't it? :) I didn't want to swap the original file, as some of you might prefer it over the new version.

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Thank you extremely for all your support!

"I heard voices. Peering around the corner of Shandi’s wagon I saw several unfamiliar men and women sitting around a fire. My parents’ fire. A dizziness swept over me and I reached out a hand to steady myself against the wagon’s wheel. When I gripped it, the iron bands that reinforced the wheel crumbled in my hand, flaking away in gritty sheets of brown rust. When I pulled my hand away the wheel creaked and began to crack. I stepped back as it gave way, the wagon splintering as if its wood were rotten as an old stump.
    I now stood in full view of the fire. One of the men tumbled backward and came to his feet with his sword out. His motion reminded me of quicksilver rolling from a jar onto a tabletop: effortless and supple. His expression was intent, but his body was relaxed, as if he had just stood and stretched.
    His sword was pale and elegant. When it moved, it cut the air with a brittle sound. It reminded me of the quiet that settles on the coldest days in winter when it hurts to breathe and everything is still.
    He was two dozen feet from me, but I could see him perfectly in the fading light of sunset. I remember him as clearly as I remember my own mother, sometimes better. His face was narrow and sharp, with the perfect beauty of porcelain. His hair was shoulder length, framing his face in loose curls the color of frost. He was a creature of winter’s pale. Everything about him was cold and sharp and white.
    Except his eyes. They were black like a goat’s but with no iris. His eyes were like his sword, and neither one reflected the light of the fire or the setting sun.”
- The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
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This is amazing! Would you mind if i use it in a KKC video that I'm working on? would give full credit!

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This picture is amazing - the use of colour is great, the dark lighting matches the emotion of this scene and the angle of the picture adds to the sense of foreboding. Great work!🙂👍
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I'm re-reading Name of the Wind now.. awesome job on this scene!

I actually like your first piece a lot too. I can't decide which I like more, I think both offer something different - both are amazing!

Great job! I love seeing art made of the books I'm reading -- my mind is just unable to really solidify what is happening and seeing your view of the scene adds so much more to the text
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I can't believe that I haven't commented on how much I love this image yet.

I love it. It's amazing.
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Wow! That's such a great work! Magnificent!
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Fantastic! The lighting and textures are excellent. I think you really captured Cinder's personality in his posture.
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WOW! This is absolutely beautiful! The atmosphere is spot on, and the colors are stunning. 
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Right now you can unlock contact for the Tak Companion Book by posting Temerant themed artwork on Twitter with the hashtag #tak gamesketch (and a link to the campaign if it fits). If you have a Twitter account and don't mind sharing this there, now's a good time.…
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When the hearthfire turns to blue,

What to do? What to do?

Run outside. Run and hide.

When your bright sword turns to rust?

Who to trust? Who to trust?

Stand alone. Standing stone.

When his eyes are black as crow?

Where to go? Where to go?

Near and far. Here they are.

See a woman pale as snow?

Silent come and silent go.

What’s their plan? What’s their plan?

Chandrian. Chandrian.

See a man without a face?

Move like ghosts from place to place.

What’s their plan? What’s their plan?

Chandrian. Chandrian.

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OH MY GOD. I'm speechless. I can't describe how perfectly your piece fits the image I had in my head. You've nailed it.
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That's because I read the book too! ;)

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you like it!
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You're welcome! Awesome job
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Of all the KKC art I have seen, this is my favorite.  You've captured this tense and heartbreaking moment perfectly.  But it's the composition that stands out, for me.  The selection and placement of all the foreground and background elements is just flawless.  It shows true technical skill and talent.  From one informaticist/amateur illustrator to another, brava!  I am madly jealous.
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There were several projects of how the composition would look. Additionaly I changed it many times while drawing, and the thing kept making my nights sleepless. Therefore I'm really glad you appreciate it, such comment means much to me.

By the way, I'm still in love with your Kvothe sketch Added it to favs ages ago.
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You're welcome!  Thank you for your lovely comment about my sketch of Kvothe.  I am very fond of it too :)  I'm sorry it took me so long to respond--It's my last semester of grad school, and I've been totally caught up in writing my thesis :/
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It's ok, don't worry :) Wish you good luck!
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both versions are very good! love the light and shadows, and the leafs are a beautiful touch as well!! Such a pretty painting for such a sad and scary moment!
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Spectacular scene!
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O wow this is amazing! Just exactely as I imagined it when reading. :D
Great Job! :)
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It's awesome! You did really well depicting the decay and Cinder ist just... gorgous! I really, really love him! My compliments!
And I really love the hand in the right corner on the bottom. You can easily miss it, but it's beautifully done! It gives everything the last touch, as well as the falling leaves!
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I love the perspective and atmosphere!
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Stunning painting!
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