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Dayna Jarae Dantzler as Nabulungi

I love her interpretation of Nabulungi – it's so heartbreakingly perfect, and she's so nice in real-life that she wrote back to my emails and discussed the show with me. Of course I drew her!

From BoM, I've also drawn:

My first Elder Price Gavin Creel as Elder Price

Elder Price (Billy Harrigan Tighe) Elder Tighe

Elder Cunningham (Jared Gertner): Elder Cunningham

Nabulungi Hatimbi (Sammie-Marie Ware): Nabulungi

A.J. Cunningham #1 (A.J.Holmes): Elder Cunningham
A.J. Cunningham #2 - AJ Cunningham the SEQUEL

Elder Price (Nic Rouleau): Elder Price

Lacretta Nicole (Lacretta Nicole): Kalimba - Lacretta Nicole

Nabulungi Hatimbi (Dayna): Dayna Jarae Dantzler as Nabulungi

Nabulungi Hatimbi (Alexandra Ncube): Alexandra Ncube as Nabulungi

Elder Ghali (Christopher Faison): Elder Ghali

Elder Cunningham (Dana Joel Nicholson): Elder Nicholson - Dana Joel Nicholson

Elder Price (Miles Jacoby): Elder Miles Jacoby

Joshwana (Josh Breckenridge): Joshwana

The General (Corey Jones): Corey Jones as The General

Elder Davis (Tyler Jones): Elder Davis

Middala/The Butcher (Kristopher Thompson-Bolden): Kristopher as the butcher

Pictures with the subjects!

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Jamie+Dayna+BoMset by myprettycabinet
She gave me a bakstage tour and I nearly shit myself. lol.
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Is she the understudy one we saw, or a different one?
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Understudy who was on on the 21st - you and I saw the main Nabulungi.