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'You don't need to have a white fur, to need to be an unicorn to Be a Pretty Pony'
Thats what Blue Star likes to say :D

:iconhartplz: art inspired by :iconjohnjoseco:

Anyways, this is Blue Star. She is an earth pony, but you can change that if you want ^.^
She's a Pretty but cool pony, not too bitchy. She loves fashion but she's Actually more a model and a FilmStar. She has Cryrstal Blue eyes witch sparkles really much. her Beatiful blue mane and her shiny cutiemark glows in the dark.

I really love this pony :la:

-EDIT- :bulletyellow:She is 90:points::bulletyellow:

:bulletpink: Rules :( :bulletpink:

:bulletgreen: Yes, you can change anything about the pony, just Don't say you made the design.
:bulletgreen: Yes, you can change the name and bio
:bulletblue: No, you can not resell, sorry. :3
:bulletblue: No, you may not steal this art.
:bulletpurple: If you want to buy the pony, but someone else also, you can bid.

The owner can have the original picture from 800x800

Owner: *BleedingAutumn
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Lostsabbath's avatar
I really love this pony too!
MyPonyAdopts's avatar
sorry, but she's sold ^^;
Raindroplette's avatar
very very pretty, wannnnt
MyPonyAdopts's avatar
sure, just send the points and she is yours ^^
MyPonyAdopts's avatar
all yours :D
please take care of her ^^
luvdarats's avatar
Umm is she still available
BrizzAdoptsXX's avatar
Would you mind putting it on hold for me? I am trying to see if I can get more points in about 30 minutes~
Shrazle's avatar
she's lovely by the way :3
Cartoonfangirl4's avatar
Don't you think 200:points: is alittle to much for this pony? ^^; It looks more to 80:points: to 90:points: :|
MyPonyAdopts's avatar
Yes I'm sorry, I just really love the design :saddummy:
I'm lowering the price..
newtnoot's avatar
I really like that you tried to draw it, hon, but this is completely traced. I like that you gave credit, but still selling it for 200 points is just wrong.
MyPonyAdopts's avatar
ok.. I just love her so much ^^; Im going to lower the price
newtnoot's avatar
Good. And may you credit the owner more? Like, tell her that this is up. It's her desicion.
MyPonyAdopts's avatar
I already told the owner, and what do you mean by crediting her more? You can really see it very good.
newtnoot's avatar
Maybe she can set the points that it can be paid for. It only seems fair.
MyPonyAdopts's avatar
yes I sent her a message bet she's not answering Im still waiting.
newtnoot's avatar
Okay thank you
Dulcet-Adopts's avatar
This is stolen from *johnjoseco please remove it.
Lostsabbath's avatar
I don't think it's stolen. Acturely so many ones have really similar styles, and everyone can be inspired by anyone.
Bluestar20337's avatar
I'm sorry but if this was stolen, show me the deviation it was stolen from~
Shrazle's avatar
I actually don't think it's stolen. If it really was stolen, she wouldn't place in giant it was inspired by that person.
if you trace the conversation between her and dulcet, you see it was actually the meaning to make it look the same, because she's trying to learn from that person's art.
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