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Hey everybody,

just wanted to let you know that I renamed "Landscape and Still Life" to "Landscape and Inanimate Objects" because we have been getting lots of submissions to this category which actually are paintings of animate - i.e. alive - beings.
(Which is not a problem at all, because we can easily move those paintings to the appropriate folder, but it is a rather tedious task).

So, don't let me further disturb you, go ahead an paint! :)

Hey MyPainters!

Submission Limit

You might have noticed that we didn't accept a lot of submissions in the last couple of weeks. This is due to the fact that we haven't got many active moderators and that we get lots of submissions. The latter is why we set the global submission limit to 2 deviations per day (for now - not sure if this'll actually work out all right).
Now, if you think you can help us with moderating the submission queue, feel free to send me a note ;)

MyPaint 1.1 for Windows

Apparently the demand for MyPaint 1.1 for Windows is huge but there are some technical issues not yet solved. However, TumaGonx has built a somewhat working version of MyPaint 1.1 for Windows which you can read about and download here. Note that this is a development version, so it will break or mess up your files. Use at your own risk! Also make sure to read the whole post (linked above) before using and - if you have any issues to report them properly (i.e. "pressure doesn't work" is not very helpful. Make sure to mention your tablet make, Windows version, which buttons you pressed to do what etc). You can either leave a comment on the blog mentioned above or submit a bug report in our bugtracker
We're currently experiencing issues with Group Settings and -Permissions. Just so you know ;)

Update: It should be possible to submit deviations again. Sorry for any inconvenience. It might happen that a lot of submissions are going to "expire"; in that case, please resubmit.
Welcome to our new Contributors:
:iconkaerhon: :icongraphixs6: :icononyourgoat: :iconkynlo: :iconheminder: :iconteacup-elbows: :iconcamarolp:
Thanks for volunteering :)

To everybody: When submitting deviations to this group's galleries, please read our Submission Guidelines to help us have less work to do ;)
Some of you have already noticed that submissions to the group gallery take quite some time to get approved. This is because we are all rather busy at the moment and get lots and lots of submissions (short notice: be sure to read Guidelines to submit images to the MyPaint group and state that you used mypaint in the description of the deviation you want to submit).

So: We need your help (moderating the submission queue)!

If you're a keen user of MyPaint, a regular here at deviant art, and happy to spend a little bit of time moderating a group, please nominate yourself here. Also, feel free to second nominations or suggest others who might be keen.

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