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My other side v0

By myp55
My first crack at the concept that would become "My other side" [link] I wasn't happy with the light/colour so waited to redo it in the day, but now I think I prefer the expressions in this one.

Can also be found in the gallery of :iconselfportrait-mania:
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1848x2473px 709.49 KB
Shutter Speed
10/25 second
Focal Length
6 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jun 15, 2007, 5:05:15 AM
© 2007 - 2021 myp55
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skifi's avatar
Even your art and concepts ten years ago were amazing ^^
inspiredcreativity's avatar
Good concept very well implemented.
myp55's avatar
Not sure about very well implimented, but it gets the idea cross :)
inspiredcreativity's avatar
Well, one doesn't want to nit-pick. The right side image (looking into the mirror) is focused on the buttons of the shirt and windows, loosing focus as go up to the head. However, the point was that you implemented the reflection well, and the concept behind it. The emotion of the photo keeps the observer's eye from noticing small things lol.
myp55's avatar
both side are focused on the window in fact :P That was my old camera, couldnt manual focus, boooo.
inspiredcreativity's avatar
Well that sucked. I'm trying to talk my partner into getting a Nikon D90--not looking good--maybe the 60. Our camera has been bust for months. In addition, we are looking at the Panasonic LX3 for pocket convenience times.
myp55's avatar
The recently annouced micro four thirds system sounds quite good as a compact but usable intermediate between an SLR and a compact. It's got the interchangable and useable lens of an SLR system with the smallness of a compact, perfect.
inspiredcreativity's avatar
Thanks. I emailed him this. Maybe it will help convince him.
kooft's avatar
its a real good shot dude well done :love:
AuroraStudios's avatar
I prefer this one as well.
Raph1966's avatar
The "WTF?" look on your face on "this side" is cool. And my good "twin" thinks so too. (kidding....though we all have "twins" somewhere. Mine was a lookalike in school named Lars. Go figure).
myp55's avatar
I like the this side face :)
YamiChi's avatar
There's a contest going that this might fit into if your interested? Its a good image, very Jekyll and Hyde
myp55's avatar
Oh? Do tell.
YamiChi's avatar

Its like, an opposites picture, so I think it fits in with the theme.
start-static's avatar
Wow. This is really quite awesome! I love the idea behind it! You've pulled it off really well. And i agree, the expressions are gold!


For a second there i thought you'd taken photos of a twin? lol
myp55's avatar
Thanks. Two of me? Would surely be the end of the universe.
start-static's avatar
Hahaha I'm sure it wouldn't be. I'd happily have one of them? lol
myp55's avatar
Aww, you're too kind, if I ever get a twin me you can have one of us :)
start-static's avatar
Woo hoo!

This has been a good day for me... Did a kickass reverse parallel park (in preparation for my driving test) AND scored myself a boyfriend! lol.

myp55's avatar
lol, congratulations
start-static's avatar
Haha. Cheers sunshine!
myp55's avatar
:) no worries... moonlight.
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