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Selfportrait: . . .

Easter Sunday, March 27, 2005
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it's terrible, i don't look at this
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how is that affect achieved.. im extramily intrigued
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you are amazing
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amazing work and amazing gallery!!!
which camera you are useing?
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canon powershot pro

Thank you:)

really, thank you.
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reminds a scene from jarmusch's dead man . great work :lookwithenvy: :giggle:
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poor hair.
wonderful idea.
oh my god! rogyn, whoever you may be, you have got it right! I was wondering why the emotion these portraits evoked in me was so familiar, an it's the way I feel when I look at Frida Kahlo's work
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wow, your work really does stand out, I love it. at first I thought it was a drawing though, and then I saw that it was a photo, this is really cool.
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WOWAawowoaaa really impressive
u make my day today :) !
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compelling work
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I know you miss your hair but I think this picture has mad it worth it.
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I can't say anything about your work that someone else hasn't already said - I love it all, period. And to me, you almost look like a different person in every single picture. I think that's so strange and so rad.
Одна из & #1083;учших! :w00t:
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brilliant shot! really like it xx
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there is a heart, and ache, in your work that is undescribeable...
you caress my tears and let them fall.
emotion at it's rawest.
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such an interesting piece. I always wonder how you get the grime.
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oh my, your work is awe-mazing
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You inspire me so much...
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+it is gorgeous. i don't mind the overbrushing here, in fact it looks perfect. it makes it vibrant and full of rythmic resonance, the religious attitude contrasts beautifully with the blackness of your gaze. i could rant over this, oh yes. i have nothing but praise for this, Asya... i'm glad you finally upoaded it.

you're asking to much of my unobtrusiveness.
still i'll hold.+
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s t u n n i n g ! ! !
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Nothing more to say after all these comments. Emotive, brilliant, expressive, special and unique.
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