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Hey to anyone who might check here from time to time: I put comics up on my tumblr at I hope I can someday add completed pieces up here. Since dA has basically served me well for all of these years. Without really sacrificing much, unlike the demise of other online art network sites (anyone remember elfwood? haha). Anyhow, limited access to a scanner makes the kind of stuff I upload here hard to do, but I miss it and will again someday. In the meantime, you can check out silly animations and short comics at my tumblr. Thanks and much love. <3
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Haha. I doubt if anyone still reads this. But should you read this, I'm taking requests, and will fulfill the first 5 that comment here (as long as it isn't quesionable content!). I lost my domain because there was a filing mix up. D: So this is my "webpage" right now. This means more drawing? I miss drawing. Comment away, you nerds. Requests and Progress: 1. ~fredchan ( Ptawm and Maybull, under the moon: Lines: done Color: done 2. :iconsibie: Mr. Kuro: Lines: done Color: done 3. :icon11th-hour: Squirrel: Lines: done . Color: in progress. 4. :iconlars-chan: Accepted! 5. :iconbunkun: The Boys: Lines: done! Color: done.
Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In I'm sorry it took forever. Page 15 looks like crap. But it's done. I'm graduating in December. I'm making more Miss Wish this summer for reals. In much higher dosages and volume than previously. So don't forget about it just because I have disppeariosis.
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Hi! Hope you return to DA someday!
Hey Greg! How funny, I was thinking about it. I'm impressed at how DA is keeping it real after all these years and I'm missing the community. You're keeping at it like a badass!!!!
Thanks! I’ve came and went on DA many times over the years. And I’ve reinvented my art style several times over. I’m pretty content with where I’m at as far as content goes. I’m not the best illustrator but I’m certainly not the worst! My style has gotten darker and creepier for sure.

Do you still create art?
That's awesome. It's so cool to see how much progress you've achieved by sticking with it and reinventing yourself!!!

Kind of. It's kind of been ages since I've done the kind of drawing and bold lines that I do up here. I went really abstract when I was in grad school which meant a lot of physical painting and wild shapes. I might post photos of those, some pieces I gave away and will never see again :(. I did a 'zine show a couple times, but I definitely miss the goals I set doing comic art. Tbh I've struggled over the years with finding a set up I like. Ages ago, I drew my physical lines, scanned them, used paint shop pro to do the initial layer of colors, and Corel Painter to fine-tune stuff (as well as the straight digital art). Now, I pay for artrage, but I think the issue is I hate it. I hate how the color palette is and I hate how the canvas is auto-sized, and even if you don't auto-size it, the grain is strange. And I've been wondering why I pay for an app that I actually really hate so much and wondering where that leaves me! I'm about to make a big, big move over to the UK so I'm really excited I might get a chance to focus on the art again (I do freelance contract translation for my "real" job ;), and figure out what's been keeping me from doing what I used to love. It's actually a really huge deal that you left that comment! Thank you!
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:salute: Hey, thank you for the support. :thanks: