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Well, the results are in, and I'm altering the cast, mostly based on said results.

The pterosaurs and birds you voted for (Coloborhynchus and Iberomesornis, respectively) will make it in there, as well as the classic Iguanodon, Pelorosaurus, Neovenator, and Baryonyx.

Unfortunately, as the episode is set in Belgium (that is, the Bernissart Mines), I don't believe the fauna there is 100% similar to that of Barremian Iberia. So, either Pelicanimimus has to go or I can move the episode's setting to Spain. If I do the former, you'll have to put up with Thecocoelurus or the Angeac-Charente elaphrosaur as the resident cursorial theropod. If I do the latter, you'll miss out on Eotyrannus and Neovenator, which were both very popular. I'm going to take the former action.

Another thing I may have to change about the results is the species of Mantellisaurus that makes it in. You all voted for M. atherfieldensis, which is the one currently thought to be valid by the majority of palaeontologists, but I also included M. bampingi (which you may know as "Dollodon"), which is from the Bernissart Mines alongside Iguanodon (I consider the two different enough to separate at the species level, but not necessarily separate genera). However, I could easily change the setting to the Wessex Formation, as the two species are fairly similar. Alternatively, I could just scrap Mantellisaurus entirely, as it's pretty similar in ecology to Iguanodon, size notwithstanding. I'm going with this option.

Yet another few things that may need to be changed are the species of two particular animals that made it in to the roster, those being Baryonyx and Demandasaurus. Turns out that the Wessex species of Baryonyx and Demandasaurus are not the type species! They haven't been formally named yet, so I'll have to label them as Baryonyx sp. and Demandasaurus sp., respectively.

Long story short, here's all that made it:
- Baryonyx sp.
- Neovenator salerii
- Iguanodon bernissartensis
- Hypsilophodon foxii
- Pelorosaurus coneybearei
- Polacanthus foxii
- Thecocoelurus daviesi/Angeac-Charente elaphrosaur
- Demandasaurus sp.
- Iberomesornis romerali
- Eotyrannus lengi
- Coloborhynchus clavirostris
- Bernissartia fagesii
- Hulkepholis willettii
I'm planning on changing the cast of my Re:WWD's Barremian Europe episode to make it come off more as a generic location in western Europe rather than just the Wessex Formation (despite Concavenator, Europejara, and Iberomesornis making it in the original).

Here are the polls:
- - theropods
- - ornithischians (ignore me lumping Gideonmantellia into Hypsilophodon, that was a big mistake on my part)
- - sauropods
- - pterosaurs

The crocodiles are going to be Hulkepholis willetti and Bernissartia fagesii, no changing that.
I'm planning on changing the cast of my Re:WWD's Barremian Europe episode to make it come off more as a generic location in western Europe rather than just the Wessex Formation (despite Concavenator, Europejara, and Iberomesornis making it in the original).

Here are the polls:
- - theropods
- - ornithischians (ignore me lumping Gideonmantellia into Hypsilophodon, that was a big mistake on my part)
- - sauropods
- - pterosaurs

The crocodiles are going to be Hulkepholis willetti and Bernissartia fagesii, no changing that.
Fascinating. A new study, peer-reviewed by everyone ever, has revealed that, not only are birds not dinosaurs, but Thecodontia is now a valid clade, consisting of all archosauromorphs more advanced than Proterochampsa.

I'll link the paper here:
So, as has been said in Re:Chased By Dinosaurs, I will be doing Re:Sea Monsters. This charming series has Nigel and the crew dive into seven dangerous seas of prehistory. The original series had the following:
  1. The Ordovician, featuring Megalograptus, Isotelus, Cameroceras, and an indeterminate fish
  2. The Triassic, featuring coelophysoidean dinosaurs, Peteinosaurus, Nothosaurus, Tanystropheus, Cymbospondylus, Placodus, and Mastodonsaurus (the last two are in supplementary material only oof)
  3. The Devonian, featuring Bothriolepis, Dunkleosteus, and Stethacanthus (WTF YOU COULD HAVE ADDED MORE :V)
  4. The Eocene, featuring Basilosaurus, Dorudon, Arsinoitherium (anachronistically :V), and Sarkastodon (misplacedly :V; also only in supplementary material)
  5. The Pliocene, featuring megalodon, Odobenocetops, and Thalassocnus (sadly only in supplementary material)
  6. The Jurassic, featuring Leedsichthys (oversized), Metriorhynchus, Hybodus, and Liopleurodon (oversized, as usual)
  7. The Cretaceous, featuring Tylosaurus (oversized), Pteranodon, Hesperornis, Xiphactinus, Squalicorax, Archelon, Platecarpus, and Elasmosaurus

I seek to change this up a bit for the remake. So, what's all here?

Sea VII: The Silurian

Southeast Asia, 420 MA ago (Generic Silurian locale)

Hazards: Eurypterids, Brontoscorpio, Megamastax

Ah, yes, good ol' Silurian. That time in Earth's history when vertebrates started taking bites out of stuff and giant arthropods roamed the waters. Plants had just started to take to the land, and the world's attempt at recovering from getting Love Sign ~ [Master Spark]-ed to the face by a black hole 24 MA earlier has produced some real monsters.
  • Lungmenshanaspis yunnanensis, one of those very trippy-looking fish called the galeaspidans. I'm sincerely sorry for not featuring more of them in the Silurian segment of Re:WWM, but I'm making up for this here. This species has three long spikes on its head. Both of the galeaspidans are shown as benthic filter-feeders.
  • Eugaleaspis liuhuashanensis, another galeaspidan, but a more tame-looking one. Of course, it still has a weird boomerang-shaped cephalic shield. Just... go home, evolution. You're drunk.
  • Cyathaspsis banksii, a cyathaspid fish common to the area, returning from Re:WWM. Like the galeaspids, this is mostly just a redshirt for the local predators. Unlike them, however, it's much less of a bottom-feeder. Nigel uses a dead Cyathaspis scrounged up from the beach as bait to attract some of the local sea life.
  • Megamastax amblyodus, an early jawed fish. Megamastax is a major predator of the local sea life. They can be a bit nippy, so Nigel and the crew brought shark suits.
  • Brontoscorpio anglicus, a gigantic scorpion. Brontoscorpio is shown as the snake to Megamastax's mongoose. The two quite often prey upon each other.
  • Rhinocarcinosoma dosonensis, a rather unremarkable eurypterid, next to the giant Pterygotus, anyway. Rhinocarcinosoma is shown as a benthic predator, and mostly is here for ambience. A large Rhinocarcinosoma is used as bait for larger animals here, like Pterygotus.
  • Pterygotus anglicus, a massive eurypterid common to (somewhere other than) the area. Pterygotus is as long as an adult human, and is the apex predator around here.
  • Mongoceras sp., an orthocone common to the area. Mongoceras is mostly shown as a filter feeder, and for ambience.
  • Entelognathus primordialis, another primitive jawed fish. Entelognathus is an early form of those strange fish of the Devonian we know as "placoderms". It looks a fair bit tamer than those wild-looking ones from later on.

Sea VI: The Permian

Brazil, 270 MA ago (Pedra do Fogo Formation, Mangrullo Formation)

Hazards: Eugeneodonts, Prionosuchus

This place is... new. Yeah, new. I would've featured the Triassic seas of the Besano Formation, but I decided that the weird fish, mesosaurs, and giant amphibians of these sites need more love. Anyway, this strange inland sea has produced some strange and fascinating creatures for Nigel and the crew to dive with.
  • Prionosuchus plummeri, a massive archegosaurid amphibian. This bus-sized amphibian plays the role of Cymbospondylus in the original series, as a large predator that appears towards the end of the segment. The Prionosuchus spooks the Helicoprion Nigel was observing take down a siphonophore and then moves on to smaller, easier prey...
  • Helicoprion sp., another giant of the Permian seas. Helicoprion is about 9 metres long, and mostly feeds on soft-bodied animals like fish and the occasional siphonophore. Nigel hitches a ride on the fin of a Helicoprion, but has to get off due to it approaching a large, potentially stinging, siphonophore.
  • Various background fish, including lungfish, palaeoniscids, and the utterly indescribable petalodonts, show up too. Petalodonts are mostly seen swimming around in the local coral reefs, as are lungfish and palaeoniscids, but the petalodonts get more time in the sun due to their utter wackiness.
  • An unidentified, speculative, siphonophore. This is mostly here to give large prey items to the big bois of the Permian seas of Brazil, and makes sense, since siphonophores tend to not fossilize.
  • Stereosternum tumidum (identified in-universe as "mesosaur"), a small, nippy parareptile common to the area. The mesosaurs are shown as an early example of tetrapods returning to the sea. Mesosaurs have been found in both South America and Africa, which were connected at this point in time (although everywhere else was also connected, because Pangaea).
  • Anisopleurodontis pricei, a large eugeneodont, not as big as Helicoprion but still huge. Anisopleurodontis is shown as a major predator of the smaller animals here.
  • Timonya anneae, a smaller amphibian than the giant. Timonya is shown as a lower-grade predator than Anisopleurodontis.
  • Tiarajudens eccentricus, a strange non-dicynodontian anomodont from the area. Tiarajudens bears two massive tusks, which is shown here to be a sexually dimorphic trait: they're smaller in the females. Anyway, Tiarajudens is mostly seen ambling about on the beaches. The crew takes a liking to them, due to their comical appearance. They're more like their dicynodont descendants than other basal anomodonts.

Sea V: The Devonian

Ohio, 375 MA ago (Cleveland Shale)

Hazards: Sharks, Dunkleosteus

Some familiar faces will be here, and some new ones. In any case, the Cleveland Shale is home to a diverse assemblage of fish, including the T. rex of the Devonian. One question is on the minds of Nigel and the crew: can Dunkleosteus bite through a shark suit?
  • Dunkleosteus terelli
  • Titanichthys agassizi
  • Stethacanthus altonensis
  • Cladoselache fyleri
  • Bothriolepis virginiensis
  • Coccosteus cuspidatus
  • Quebecius quebecensis
  • Scaumenacia cyrta

Sea IV: The Jurassic

Northern Europe, 155 MA ago (Kimmeridge Clay, Solnhofen Limestone, Langenburg Quarry)

Hazards: Sharks, marine crocodiles, Pliosaurus

Description pending.
  • Leedsichthys problematicus
  • Pliosaurus macromerus
  • Hybodus sp.
  • Opthalmosaurus icenicus
  • Dakosaurus maximus
  • Kimmerosaurus langhami
  • Compsognathus longipes
  • Europasaurus holgeri
  • Archaeopteryx lithographica
  • Rhamphorhynchus muensteri
  • Pterodactylus antiquus

Sea III: The Mid-Cretaceous

The Atlantic, 95 MA ago (Kem Kem Beds, Romualdo Formation)

Hazards: Spinosaurus, Kronosaurus

Description pending.
  • Spinosaurus aegyptiacus
  • Rebbachisaurus garasbae
  • Unidentified iguanodont
  • Stomatosuchus inermis
  • Kronosaurus queenslandicus
  • Platypterigius americanus
  • Thalassomedon haningtoni
  • Siroccopteryx moroccensis
  • Unidentified protostegid turtle
  • Mawsonia gigas

Sea II: The Late Cretaceous

Kansas, 85 MA ago (Niobrara Chalk)

Hazards: Sharks, Xiphactinus, mosasaurs

Description pending.
  • Tylosaurus proriger
  • Dolichorhynchops
  • Styxosaurus snowii
  • Pteranodon sternbergii
  • Platecarpus tympaniticus
  • Cretoxyrhina mantelli
  • Xiphactinus audax
  • Hesperornis regalis
  • Cretolamna appendiculata
  • Archelon ischyros

Sea I: The Miocene

Peru, 8 MA ago (Pisco Formation)

Hazards: Sharks, raptor whales, Piscogavialis, Livyatan, megalodon

Description pending.
  • Piscogavialis jugaliperforatus
  • Otodus megalodon
  • Livyatan melvillei
  • Spheniscus muizoni
  • Pelagornis miocaenus
  • Zygophyseter varolai
  • Thalassocnus natans
  • Miocaperea pulchra
  • Odobenocetops leptodon
  • Acrophoca longirostirus
  • Hexanchus gigas
  • Carcharodon hubbeli
  • "Balenoptera ryani"
  • Cyonasua argentina

Well, that's it for now. I'm going to add more later, so watch this space.



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