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As part of the projecteducate Artisan Crafts Week, we are posting an Artisan Crafts ABC. This week long feature will introduce some popular and some unknown techniques from the artisan crafts world.
This list will by no means be complete, we are just highlighting a few techniques for each letter

A stands for Amigurumi

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of creating stuffed toys by knitting or crocheting, usually in basic stitches. They are usually worked in the round and often depict animals, people or even objects. They can be small or large and there is no limit in creativity with a large variety of yarns, shapes and decorations.

Chinese New Year Moon Bun by MoonYen Elephace by voodoomaggie .:Cute Apple:. amigurumi by SaMtRoNiKa Hp doll complete by MercuryDemosthenes

A stands for Apple Pie

Apple pie is a tasty, traditional dessert. Typically it will have a flaky pastry shell as well as a pastry cover over the top, with a moist and delicious apple filling inside. Often there is cinannamon added to the filling and sometimes raising are baked in. This pie is traditionally served with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream

Lattice Apple Tart by BluestOfBirds Steampunk apple pie by see-through-silence Apple pie animals by AloneInUniverseArt Apple Pie Cupcake by dashedandshattered

A stands for Argentum

Argentum, also known as silver, is a very versatile metal. It's the metal with the highest electrical and thermal conductivity and is used for many applications. Of course it is also used in jewelry, often as an alloy (combined with other metals) or sometimes in its pure form. A favorite is Sterling Silver, which contains 7.5% copper (it is stamped 925 because it contains 92.5% fine silver). Silver is relatively easy to work with and can be polished to a high shine.

Hidden pearl by drakonaria Raccoon Camping Cup by colleenfreeman OCTOPUS - necklace I by AnnaMroczek Hand Engraved Baby Spoon by hephaestus56

B stands for Bead Sprites

Bead sprites are mosaic-type works made from cylindrical plastic beads that are heat-fused together. Since these beads come in a great variety of colors, there is virtually no limit to the amount of detail put into these works.

bead sprite Mana Dragon by AnnyMockingbird :thumb193879213: Golden Gate Bridge Bead Model by elphieofkiamoko :thumb191314227:

B stands for BJDs

BJDs are ball-jointed dolls. These dolls have ball joints that allow them to be moved and posed. They are usually made from porcelaine or resin and strung with elastics or metal springs. They are often strung tight enough to hold poses on their own. There are many artists here on dA who create hand made BJDs from their own designs.

Deer_1 by Panther-Anch La vie en rose... by JRDolls

Mature Content

Lilas 3 by Cerisedolls
Nibbles the Mouse - limited by TheMushroomPeddler

B stands for Batik

Batik fabrics are traditionally hand dyed, wax (or sometimes string) is used to block certain areas and create patterns and designs. It's an ancient art form and we have several amazing batik artists here on dA.

:thumb193962891: Batik by mickchet Batik Art Projects by LostThyme Prince Ivan and the Firebird by elui

C stands for Crochet

Crochet is a needlework art that utilizes crochet needles (also known as crochet hooks because of the hook on the end) to create yarn works. Crochet works are created by pulling yarn through a yarn loop with the hook. There is always just one active loop in crochet (when knitting, several loops are active). There are many stitches that can create intrinsic patterns and designs.

Granny Scarf - Part 4 by KathyGub Onigiri Purse by OnigiriAmigurumi Valentine's Day2 by Cinciut Grandma's Crochet Work 2 by TheLadyAssassin

C stands for Corsets

Corsets are a clothing item that sits tightly around the torso. There are three main reasons for wearing corsets, medical reasons (for example to stabilize the back), for figure shaping/changing reasons or for purely aesthetic/fashion reasons (these are usually rather loose fitting corsets or even tops that just mimic the look of corsets but don't actually act as one).
Today we are focussig on traditional corsets which are figure forming and usually include boning (usually metal boning for high quality corsets, plastic, wood, cane and other materials can also be used) for stability and strength, lacing in the back and often closures in the front. Corsets should be fitted to the individual wearer for maximum comfort and great fit. They can be constructed from a variety of fabrics and come in a great range of styles. Embellishments can give a corset a whole different look, too.
Corsets have been worn by men and women throughout history but today are mostly associated with women. Corsets can come in a large variety of different styles like the waist cincher (small corset just covering the waist), underbust (sitting right under the breasts and extending down to the hips), overbust (covering the breasts partially or fully and extending down to the hips), long corsets that extend over the hips and can in rare cases go all the way down to the knees and even neck cinchers which are made to look like corsets for the neck (but usually are slightly loose fitting). Corsets can reduce the waist to achieve an hourglass figure or can reduce the breast and hips to achieve a straight silhouette, depending on the style and needs of the wearer.

Golden and black corset by Hebi87 Little black waspie corset by HelenaDoll Front-lacing stays by IndifferentCentury Costume Set for Lara by Trinitynavar

C stands for Coptic Binding

Coptic binding is a method of bookbinding. It has been developed by the Copts, early Christians in Egypt as early as the second century AD. This binding method usually utilizes cover boards and multi-section sewing through the spine of the book, the stitches are usually not covered but left exposed and visible.

:thumb191747669: Coptic Bound Journal by Shadowcy handmade books 36-38 by darkest-red Bright Blue Notebook by mamacateyes

D stands for Drum

A drum is a musical instrument, usually consisting of a skin or membrane stretched over a container (a drum). When striking the membrane, a sound is created.
Drums are often hand made by artists and sometimes elaborately decorated.

:thumb140949797: Chasing Henna Bodhran by TwistedBubble Wolf Drum II by Gishkishenh Drum2 by daboozer100

D stands for Dream Catchers

Dream catchers are typically created from a willow hoop that is wrapped with string or fabric and has a woven web in the center. It is then decorated with feathers, beads, shells or other objects.
While dream catchers are based in native american traditions, they have become very popular in modern times. They are created from a variety of different materials and used as decorational items and even in jewelry.

double dream catcher by Pandora-Shiv dream catcher medallion by Haskasimo Tormented Butterfly by Obscuri Turn the volume up too loud by netherwings

D stands for Duct Tape

Yes, duct tape really *can* be used for almost everything, even for crafts! There are many crafters around who create amazing art using nothing but duct tape. With the wide variety of colors and patterns available, from clothes over decorations to utilitarian objects, your imagination is the only limit.

:thumb192361114: :thumb192075673: Prom by Carrotygoodness Duct Tape Zebra Purse II by DuckTapeBandit

I hope you enjoyed today's installment! Watch out for more to come your way.
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Very informative :D
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Thanks for the feature :)
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Awesome ...lots of beautiful items to go look at :D
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Ooh, I love this! I can't wait for the rest of the letters. :D
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There's a fresh one up for today. :la:
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ooh, yay! :D

Seems like a lot of work!!! O_O All those articles every day.. x_x
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It is :faint:

But I hope it's worth it, I was looking forward to the artisan crafts project educate week for quite some time. :)
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Yeah! I hope it raises some awareness of the AC gallery! :D

I hope your contest gets lots of entries too by the way, it's great motivation for people to learn how to take better photos of their stuff, haha. I posted a blog post about in the #PolymerClay group, I hope they join. :P
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Awesome, thank you! I hope to get more entries, it's a pretty short timeframe though, the deadline's this friday. :D
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Wow, really? I would enter... but my photos are pretty clear as they are. XD
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Thanks so much for the feature! ^^
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glad that indonesian textile technique featured here :D
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This is so cool and I learned a lot! And it's only the beginning, I can't wait for the rest :D
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:clap: I can't wait to see more!
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thank you REALLY a lot for the feature! it makes this great day even greater!!!
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hey thanks!! :D glad u like it my amigurumi apple! :kiss:
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Wow, thank you so much for the feature!! :hug:
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thank you for a feature, such a nice surprise :)
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There is Batik artists here? OMG :noes: :la: :eager: :eager: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT
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OMG OMG :noes: :eager: a lot of my clothes, summer clothes are batik :noes: :eager: OMG :eager:
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