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If you own or know of an artisan craft group that is not listed here, please drop me a note! These groups are NOT officially endorsed and/or controlled by deviantArt, they are run privately by members of the community!
Groups that are Artisan Craft related, sorted alphabetically:

AmigurumiClub is a club for amigurumi artists and those who love them.

AnimeGK is a club specifically for anime garage-kit modelers.

ArtisanCraft accepts entries from all Artisan Craft and Sculpture galleries and offers their members features, contests, collections, interviews and much more.

BatCrafts is a group made for lovers of Batman and crafting.

BeadandWire is a group for all addicts relating to either making jewellery, chainmaille, lamp working, polymer clay and wire.

Beads-and-Jewellery is a group for anyone who makes jewelry or beads.

BJD-Crafts is a group that surrounds the crafting of clothes, face-ups, making of accessories, and even the making of the actual dolls.

Bookbinding is a group for all book binders and those who love hand bound books.

Book-arts is a group for all kinds of book arts, including book binding.

Ceramic-Art is a group for Ceramicists! Potters, ceramic sculptors, whatever you like to call yourself. If you make stuff with clay, this group is for you!

Ceramic-maniacs is a group for ceramic enthusiasts!

ClayFormers is a group for all crafters who work with clay of any kind.

CostumeDesignCentral is a group for costumers to show off their original costumes, get critique and feedback, and find tutorials and other helpful bit on their craft.

Craftcycle is a club for found/recycled/upcycled art.

CraftyPanda's focus is on sharing our art, getting friendly feedback and constructive criticism, and making tutorials for teaching each other our favorite techniques.

CraftyPonies is a group for crafters who have unique works of equine themed pieces.

creepy-craft is a group for those crafters that like the creepy, darker side of crafting.

Culinary-Arts-Club is a place for all culinary artists, cooks and everyone who likes the art of cooking to come together and share their techniques, experience and more.

Custom-Horror-Toys is a group of creators and fans of custom horror toys!

Cute-Clay-Creations is a group where you can find all the cutest clay work and share your own.

Cute-Craft is a club for adorable artisans and their goods. It's for cute crafty things ranging from clay charms/figures to plushies, amigurumi, beaded rings/animals, and more more more.

dA-Cake-Artists is a group for cake artists.

DeliciousDeviants is a group for deviants who love to eat, take pictures of, or just look at pictures of FOOD.

Devious-Jewellery aims to bring together jewellery crafters to share their art, and also encourage others to create.

diy-doityourself is a group for artisans and crafters of all kinds.

DIYfashion is a group for Deviants who love to make their clothes and accessories look the way they want it, not necessarily how they "should be".

Eco-Couture is a group for anyone and everyone who loves repurposed fashion!

EtsySellers is for everyone who sells their crafts through etsy and of course also for etsy customers.

FantasySculptureClub is a group that promotes fantasy sculpture.

GlassArtists is a group dedicated to the emerging and professional glass artists and crafts people.

HandMadeGoodys is a group for people who make stuff by hand.

Jewelry-Makers-Guild is a group for all jewelry makers.

JewlerymetalMakers is a group where metal smiths, jewelers, and jewelry lovers can come and post their work, share their comments and be supportive of one another!

Leather-Artisans is a group for leatherworkers.

LeatherMaskArt is a group for those, who turn leather into beautiful masks.

LivingDolls is a DA club that is open to anyone who takes factory created fashion dolls (Barbie, Tonner, etc.) or action figures (GI Joe, Cy Girls, etc.) or BJD's and then brings them to life. Whether you completely customize it, or just create a new costume, hairstyle or do full or partial repaints qualifies.

Macrame-For-Today is a group for macrame artists as well as people who enjoy macrame in all its glory.

metalsmiths has been created to showcase the work of metalsmiths here on deviantART. Metalsmithing includes things like casting, soldering, piercing, stone-setting, forging, enameling, etc. Their aim is to bring metalsmiths together, as well as to make the deviantArt community more aware of their work.

Metal-Clay-Art is a group for artisan crafts created from metal art clay.

Nature-Jewelry is a group dedicated to artisan jewelry inspired by nature!

Needles-and-Thread is a club for those who sew, mostly costumes and clothing.

NerdyCrafts is a group for all you nerdy crafters out there!

Origami-United is, as the name suggests, a group for all origami artists!

Origami-Stars is for all you origami star addicts out there!

PaperCraft-Corner brings paper crafters together.

ParadiseBeads is the place for all your jewlery making needs or at least shows you what I had made over the years.

Photos-to-Mosaics is a group for all of those who love turning photos into beautiful (crafted) mosaics.

PlushieCreations is a plushie group where members can submit tutorials and finished plush pictures.

Plushie-Database is for all plushie makers and lovers.

PlushieLovers is a group for plushie lovers.

Plushie-Makers is a group for all plushie makers.

Plushtastic is a group for all plush makers out there!

PolymerClay is a group for everyone who works with polymer clay.

Seed-Beaders is a group for users of seed beads, be it in bead weaving, bead embroidery, stringing, jewelry or anything else.

SeedyCharacters is a collection of fine seed beads artists and their seed bead art and jewelry. They look for quality workmanship and quality photos to back the work. This is an invitation only group.

stitchingpirates is a group for all cross stitchers.

Sword-Sanctuary is a group of sword makers who collaborate to share knowledge and expertise. If you are a sword maker or want to become one, this group is for you.

The-9th is dedicated to creationists and lovers of unique jewelry, pendants, and charms. Vintage, Gothic, Retro, Steam-punk, Macabre, Metal/wire, Earth/Clay/Wood and cloth are very much welcomed here.

TheatreArtists is a group for all types of theatre artists.

TheBeadedPlace is a group for all your beading desires.

TheConfectioneryClub is for all lovers and makers of crafty sweets, edible and inedible alike.

TheKnotters is a group that celebrates the ancient and modern forms of Celtic knotwork, keywork, and spirals.

The-Sock-Heap is a group for sock creations.

U-N-F is a group for unusual needlecraft and fiberarts.

Upcycle is a group for all artisans and crafters who use recycled materials in their work.

We-Love-Paper is a group for all paper crafters. Origami, Recycling, Quilling, Cute Paper sheets, 3D Designs, Paper Children, Paper Toys, Doodles, Letters, Scrapbooking, Comics, Cards... even paper balls are accepted here!

WireMeUp is a group for those who love to wire wrap and make beautiful jewelry.

WoolyMadness is a group for knitters and crocheters and everyone who loves wooly things.

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