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Jim Beaver by Picasso by MyntKat Jim Beaver by Picasso :iconmyntkat:MyntKat 7 0 Family Dinner by MyntKat Family Dinner :iconmyntkat:MyntKat 2 0 Delirium by MyntKat Delirium :iconmyntkat:MyntKat 3 2 Vera by MyntKat Vera :iconmyntkat:MyntKat 17 9 Loki by MyntKat Loki :iconmyntkat:MyntKat 9 2 Minion Hats by MyntKat Minion Hats :iconmyntkat:MyntKat 2 0 Magic Hat In The Making by MyntKat Magic Hat In The Making :iconmyntkat:MyntKat 4 0 These Cookies Have A Short Life Expectancy by MyntKat These Cookies Have A Short Life Expectancy :iconmyntkat:MyntKat 6 2 The Minions Have The Phonebox by MyntKat The Minions Have The Phonebox :iconmyntkat:MyntKat 7 1 Kitty Amigurumi by MyntKat Kitty Amigurumi :iconmyntkat:MyntKat 6 1 Thor by MyntKat Thor :iconmyntkat:MyntKat 12 12 Pink Hair Doll by MyntKat Pink Hair Doll :iconmyntkat:MyntKat 12 2 Little Boys by MyntKat Little Boys :iconmyntkat:MyntKat 2 0 Green Viking Hat by MyntKat Green Viking Hat :iconmyntkat:MyntKat 4 10 Green Dragon Scarf by MyntKat Green Dragon Scarf :iconmyntkat:MyntKat 14 4 Red Dragon by MyntKat Red Dragon :iconmyntkat:MyntKat 17 5

Random Favourites

Behind the Scenes of dAr - Contest
Interpretate the contest theme "Behind the Scenes of deviantART related" in any way you want. All I am asking for is to be original, to be creative and to have fun… and to make a fun deviation.
Life is srs bsns enough, so make others enjoy it, let them laugh and most importantly show people how awesome deviantART related can be. I know you can do it!
Create stories about dAr, make matrix-like coded artworks, let the website come alive… whatever you do, show us what is going on behind dAr, what makes it special, what makes it interesting… or maybe reveal its dark secrets no one knew about before!
And what kind of role do fella and llama play here?
Tell us!  Show us!
The contest is open to every kind of media (lit, 3D, coded, digital/traditional art, artisan craft)... what ever your heart desires!This is a fun contest, don't be too serious! Show me and everyone else what is going on behind the scenes of dAr/dA.Submit your entries to the contest ga
:iconginkgowerkstatt:GinkgoWerkstatt 91 64
Weekly Feature 58 - Huggable Food
Ok, so for some reason I completely forgot that it was Sunday yesterday so this feature is a day late, sorry about that.
Today's feature is all about HUGGABLE FOOD! So what's on the menu today?
Well, for breakfast we will have

Toast and

Egg and

For lunch I can offer

Fries and

And as an afternoon snack you can choose either

Cupcakes or

a slice of cake or

monster ice cream!
And then for dinner I'll make you a nice

Sandwich with lots of extra

Bon appetit!
If you enjoyed this feature, please :+fav: this news article! And don't forget to show the artists some love, too! :love:
Previous Features:
Unicorns; Confetti; Spain;
:iconmyntkat:MyntKat 38 29
Stock Word of the Week - Week 14
So now we're onto the next part of this series. :w00t: This weeks theme was a bit hard to find, :sherlock: but I feel I found a good collection even though I had to leave out several categories.
Now just so you all know, I couldn't find enough JUST using the word AIR. So this theme is AIR and WIND!!!!!

Lets goooooooooo!!!!!


Dreamweaver69stock 414 by dreamweaver69stock
Fractal Stock - wing by rockgem
Household Items
Kat Stock 239 -News 3 by Kaitrosebd-StockMake A Breeze by ritaleavittstock
Macro Shots
fragile feather stock by LeandrasStockGrasses 2 by okbrightstar-stock
Chmury 3 by DomanskiArtFlying Over Lake Michigan 3 by FantasyStockIn our memories by theflickerees-stock
McGuire AFB Air Show 07' 82 by Dracoart-StockFan 06 by jaded-reflection
View from an Airplane 02 by China-stockabove clouds16 by lampshaded-stock
Tundra cotton field 2 by Arctic-Stockin the wind by amir-stockDemonstock 0072 by demonstock
Windmill ancient technology 2 by tanatzwind turbine by DougFromFinanceWind thing. by Regenstock
:thumb155596241:Smooth Metal by PavStockPastell Wind 02 by irrealist-stock
:iconstock-by-crystal:Stock-By-Crystal 28 11
Stock Treasury #2: Cyberpunk
What is the Stock Treasury? :dalove: This is the second edition  in a series of articles aimed at promoting deviantART's stock resources one theme at a time. This treasury of cyberpunk stock resources was chosen to contrast and compliment last month's feature of Steampunk Resources. Please leave comments below if you have ideas for future themes. If I choose your suggestion for an article, you'll be credited when your theme is featured.
What is Cyberpunk? To simplify, Cyberpunk is a science fiction genre of cyborgs, artificial intelligence, and a postmodern virtual reality. This popular theme has been infused into our pop culture in novels like Frank Herbert's "Dune" series, Philip K. Dick's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?", and movies such as "Bladerunner", "The Matrix", "Cy
:iconfantasystock:FantasyStock 68 28
The Art in Fan Art - 18
Welcome to the 18th issue of The Art in Fan Art. :iconkissmeeplz:
Hello my lovely deviants :love: After a long.. looong time (3 months actually), I'm finally back with this series of news articles, lots of features and the randomtastic section! :la:
You better be on the lookout to see it regularly again ;D, I want to thank you all for the support you've given rydi1689 and me as your Fan Art GMs for the last 8 months and hope we can deliver our best to you on the months to come :la:
On another note, we're in the middle of judging our Fan Fiction contest "Through darker eyes", so if you're looking for something to read, you might like to pay a visit to the gallery and check the entries here ;D. Also, we're currently working in something new, so keep an eye on us :eyes:
Pay some visits to FanArtClassroom there might be some new games and challenges coming very soon, and... did
:iconelicoronel16:elicoronel16 39 16
Incredible Iconists #2 - August 2010
Welcome to Incredible Iconists
Showcasing deviants in the Icons community.

So first off tell us your name, and how you discovered deviantART.
My name is Daniel Foré, better known as DanRabbit. And, I discovered deviantART through my friend setsuna725
How long have you been making icons?
Well, I started out not really drawing my own icons, but just kind of modifying other icons in 2006. So that's where I first got involved with icons. But my first fully original set (and the set I still work on) was elementary in 2007.
Show us the first icon you ever made, and tell us your inspiration for this piece.
Oh man haha, well I honestly can't find that icon even in the bowels of the internet. But I can describe it. It was a way overly saturated, semi-transparent, blue folder icon with a thick black outline. It was supposed to be drawn sort of like the old OS X folder icon
:iconburgerbunny:BurgerBunny 20 2
Thou Shalt Self Portrait Winners!
Finally, after much deliberation I am pleased to bring to you the winners of dA's Tenth Birthday Thou Shalt Self Portrait Contest.
All entries were judged by pullingcandy, DistortedSmile and TanyaSimpson. Much thanks to them! :love:
First Place:

By Doubtful-Della
Second Place:

By ScarletteDeath
Third Place:

By TrueDragon13
There were so many beautiful entries, thank you everybody who participated.
:iconpullingcandy:pullingcandy 22 12
In the Flesh: Nude Art Feature - Aug 27 2010
If you like what you see here, please support the feature and the artists by clicking the :+favlove: button just there to your left! Thank you!
These featured deviations are personal faves that I've added recently. The artists and deviations may be popular or little-viewed, and may be new or past submissions. Please enjoy, respect, and support the artists!
My love for the nude as an art form extends from photography to digital art, traditional art, sculpture, and other forms. I will include any and all of these in my features, where I discover beautiful nude art across dA's galleries!

Shadow and Light IV by craigmcguire :thumb166785086: :thumb174346448:
Untitled 7 by Solus-Photography :thumb176849072: Reclining Nude by Amphisbaina
:iconwynnesome:wynnesome 35 22
Russia in color, a century ago
An extraordinary collection of color photographs taken between 1909 and 1912. Collected here are a few of the hundreds of color images made available by the Library of Congress, which purchased the original glass plates back in 1948.
:iconfionacreates:FionaCreates 23 16
smart fortwo: Skinned Smartly Contest Winners
  We are proud to announce that smart fourtwo's
 Skinned Smartly contest
 has pulled into the parking spot at the end of its artistic journey, as the final three winners have been
 chosen from an eye-catching gallery that would give
 someone pause even without a stop light. All of the skins
 that were created would look amazing zipping by on the
 freeway, so a huge thank you to all the participants! We'd
 also like to give a thank you to our esteemed judges who
 had the tough task of sifting through the beautiful 25
 semi-finalists to come up with three winners. Let's check
 out who's driving off with some sweet prizes!

:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 106 179
A Meet of deviants by LuvZ-Art A Meet of deviants :iconluvz-art:LuvZ-Art 2 7 Herbarium by drakonaria Herbarium :icondrakonaria:drakonaria 331 88
Cutting Edge Prints 32/10
Cutting Edge Prints is a weekly article that features brand new selected high quality wall art products that caught our eyes.
Check out the cutting edge prints some of your fellow artists have submitted in the past week!

:shop13973866: :shop13082180: :shop13993597: :shop13911299:
:shop13988345: :shop13903759: :shop13671562: :shop9273040:
:shop13876650: :shop13908336: :shop13919332: :shop13881690:
:shop13780320: :shop13979055: :shop13936563: :shop13934296:
:shop13874195: :shop13962485: :shop13966394: :shop9354368:
:shop13911345: :shop13881907: :shop13895812:
:shop12791335: :shop13896607: :shop13930802:
:shop13931357: :shop13962266: :shop13882869:
:shop13879247: :shop13896193: :shop14000988:
:shop13989538: :shop13908137: :shop13885967:
:shop13896464: :shop3392379: :shop13991653:
:shop13931985: :shop13988711: :shop13909925:
:shop14000760: :shop13916764: :shop13988362:
We hope you enjoyed this week's featured prints as much as we enjoyed picking them.
Check the
:iconmidnightexigent:MidnightExigent 35 5
Holiday Feature - Women's Equality Day 2010

Holiday Features!

Welcome to "Holiday Features" where I will be focusing on certain holidays and the amazingly fabulous art that goes with it. This time it will be Women’s Equality Day
Women in the United States were given the right to vote on August 26, 1920 when the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution was signed. The amendment was first introduced many years earlier in 1878. Every president has published a proclamation for Women's Equality Day since 1971 when legislation was first introduced in Congress by Bella Abzug. This resolution was passed designating August 26 of each year as Women's Equality Day.
Information used and more information about Women’s Equality Day found here:
Today we will be featuring a collection of amazing works of art about Women’s Equality Day. So on with the features!
:iconromaji:Romaji 25 41
:myntgiggle: by Helen-Baq :myntgiggle: :iconhelen-baq:Helen-Baq 12 1
These are some of my favorite artworks made by other deviants!

I haven't crocheted in over a month and can't seem to find the time to do it anymore! 

21 deviants said Relaaaaaax, you'll get back to it eventually.
6 deviants said There's always time, find it.
6 deviants said Loki.
3 deviants said You decided to move to London and are now wondering why you are busy busy busy? Psh!
3 deviants said I don't really care, I just want to vote on random polls!
No deviants said MAKE TIME, DAMN IT!





Up To Date?

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 10, 2014, 5:43 AM

Wooooo, it's been months, again, since I've posted. Life has been crazy and busy and awesome and I am totally making excuses for not taking the time to post here more often. :P

Sooooo, what's been going on. Well, as I've documented, quite sparsely, on my blog, I am working on a crochet Vera and a few new hat ideas. I am hoping to launch another crochet pattern to my shop before the year is up.

I have just uploaded a free pattern that also comes with youtube tutorial videos if you're new to crocheting amigurumis, so there's that! :D
Kitty Amigurumi by MyntKat

Aaaaaand I must hurry back to work. Hope to hang around dA a little more again in the future as I have just gotten a super portable Ultrabook that lets me be all social on the net on the go. :B But for now, love and chocolate to all of you!


MyntKat's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United Kingdom
Born and raised in Germany, Bianca moved to Canada in 2007. She's been happily living and crafting in Vancouver for the past few years until late 2013, when she decided to make the move back across the pond to settle in London, England for a while. She will be arriving in London in March 2014.
Generally she likes to keep busy with artisan crafts but also enjoys digital and traditional arts whenever she finds the time and place to experiment.

Here on deviantART Bianca/MyntKat focuses mostly on Artisan Crafts. She has volunteered as a Gallery Moderator for the Artisan Crafts galleries in the past and hosted several Artisan Crafts Weeks (educational weeks dedicated to specific areas/techniques with interview, features, specials and more) as well as a few contests during her volunteer term.


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