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My daily doodle for today, Feb 11, 2009 - a stamp! Why not.

Stamp template: [link]

Doodles in the back and the writing are mine.


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I love to doodle. I often do it when I want to draw, but don't feel like drawing a huge picture.
So, thus I just doodle random characters. 
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i am doodle maniac!!
Miitee's avatar
Doodling is FUN!
Fuertelee's avatar
Yes, I do! :dummy:
Beautiful stamp!
cherrywaffle1003's avatar
Instead of paying attention in class, I draw :XD:
Awesome stamp!
The-Lost-Hope's avatar
I doodle all the time lol. XD
Owlflight29's avatar
who doesn't (rawr)
ToniPendragon's avatar
The-Avel-Fairy's avatar
:D yes! Starting today :).
doodle-lee-doo's avatar
I don't, but my nickname does.
CainKinris's avatar
So do I!! (RAWR) :D

Figuer's avatar
:giggle: Only for the (RAWR.) it desserves a fave :lmao:
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:lmao: Thanks Juan!
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Of course! :highfive:
Put it into my journal daily sketch scroll box. Looks great there! :heart:
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:O ooh really you do!?
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The RAWR made me laugh...
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you made it already~!! :love:

and i luv the way you write :giggle: especially that A :)
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