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X Marks the Spot

Pigma Micron .005
Pigma Micron .08
Ballpoint pen

a few hours
A ladybug this time.

Digital edits: Adjusted curves in PS and cropped to square.

Original for sale.
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omg a few hours i wish i had your tallent
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It's not talent at all... it's practice.. so don't wish - draw!
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don't be so modest =p
it would take me like 11 year just to be able to draw half as good as you do
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But that's the thing. I've been drawing just about every single day since 1996. That's more than 11 years... so you were close. :lol:

And I'll draw every day for the rest of my life! It is through practice that you learn in art, and the exploration has to be enjoyed or you will give up. And that's why you guys see these pen works from me... they're not as long or detailed as full paintings, but they sure do help me understand things and keep my eye sharp. And they're fun! I learn loads with every new drawing.

The key to anything is hours of time refining and honing your skills. This is true of athletes, professionals, and artists. The more you do it, the better you get. It's really and truly that simple, I swear.
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You a Lady Bug (who paints bugs) :XD:
I like the way you have unfocussed the background of the painting like it was a photo.
Beautiful again =)
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Hehe... thank you Juan. :hug:
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You bug-addict, you :giggle: Are those bugs your new favourite subject, now? :giggle: Wonderful execution in any case, the shading looks really nice, the upside-down ladybug is cute, and even if you cropped it, I still really like this plant in the background :lol: Your sketches make me giggle all the time :lol:

Dancakies :heart:
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Weeeellll... :paranoid: I do quite like bugs.. :bucktooth: Okay, I know... it's a weird subject for me to be fascinated with but... but.. Dan! Have you seen all that texture in these lil tiny things? I love that :love: It's the quintessential seeing the extraordinary in the everyday things... :D

Yar, I think the crop resolves the composition better than anything else I coulda done. :lol: I'm thinkin about choppin the paper, too. :lol:
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:giggle: I was pulling your leg. I can quite understand, why you like to paint and draw them :lol:

you could just...fold the paper :giggle: gives you two versions :#1:
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I know yer pullin my leg! :lol: Will you show me your back cover design when you finisssshhh? Hold on. :no: You need to finish your matte, mister. Always puttin it off! :giggle:

I'mma think about folding, but maybe I'll just cut it and give you the other half... since...

:lick: You like it so much.

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:giggle: Well first I need to finish the front cover, then I will do the back cover :lol: And I am not putting off the matte, it's just not a lot of fun to paint on this macbook. I was cursing half of the time while doing the front cover. The mac shortcuts slow me down so much, and the macbook seems to have slight performance issues alreadly even with the cover only, which is a silly 2400x2400 file with a dozen layers.

Oh I like you so much :eyes: But please don't cut yourself in halves now :lol: :lick:
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