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November 2, 2006
Wishes Can Start Small by =mynti. With an eye for creativity and colour, this artist never dissapoints you with her breathtaking artwork. This beautiful deviation is just one example of how much she pays attention to little detail and how much time and effort goes in to each and every piece she makes. Make sure you check out the rest of her outstanding gallery.
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Wishes Can Start Small

Thanks to =lazybutt for creating a poem for me to accompany this piece! I only gave him a theme - wishes, new beginnings - and this is his beautiful interpretation of the mood - which I think compliments the piece well, without trying to match:

From the middle of the night
and the clock rung mid—
I heard the tower overhead:
The Girl, The Girl is Free!
- Brennen aka =lazybutt

Dedicated to *zoesobel since she's the pink diva!

Thanks also to =memod for his honest critiques to help me along.. and *LongStock for her beautiful stock photo for me to draw from!

-Referenced Sugar World 3
-Looked at various photographs of tree bark to get an idea before I painted that part
-Rest was done from my head.

I created one brush for this project, for the tree bark, based on a splotchy watercolor painting I did in high school.
Rest was handpainted with a round hardedge brush, varying opacities and pixel sizes. Mostly 1px, 100%.

This is the full size of the painting - Fairy, mushroom, grass, flower, leaves, vines, the little mushroom monster, and most of the tree is painted as pixel art.
Submitted to the Genesis Art Collection Project for #Digitalmedia.

The Journal CSS Template featuring the fairy is located here.

Wacom Tablet + PS CS2
245 Layers, 34 folders.
Approximately 63 hours.
© mynti 2006
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© 2006 - 2021 mynti
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Very very beautiful creation.
what the heck in that thing a monstruos spider'??
ForestDwellerHouses's avatar
Very beautiful piece of artwork!
lululetti's avatar
Sooooo stunning! I love the mushroom so much it's adorable :D The fairy is awesome too. Go pinkness! :D
GnomeSkull's avatar
I'm a little partial - fairies and mushrooms are two of my favorite things, lol! But, even so, this piece is magnificent
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ForestDwellerHouses's avatar
This is a very cool looking piece of artwork, very nicely created and your color choices are fantastic and so is your talent!
mushroomGOD121's avatar
I believe that mushroom is edible, but I am not sure. Is this a fly agaric?
mushroomGOD121's avatar
This is absolutely fantastic, I can't tell you enough, you deserved the DD absolutely, I do a lot of work like this with powerful messages, if you have some time take a look, you might really like my fairy like art. :)
fay-titania's avatar
Hooray for little mushroom monster :3...

and love the details on her wings too!
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Thank you! This one took forever! :giggle:
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love the ambience and the colors,
mynti's avatar
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Really beautiful! :aww:
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Thank you! :aww:
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Your art is suberb. Great image quality as well.
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Thank you, it takes such time to get pieces so refined like this, so I'm happy you enjoy it!
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I believe it! It's stunning. :-)
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