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May 21, 2011
The Great Hike by `mynti
The suggesters of this gorgeous work, "I'm in awe of this painting. The work is amazing and absolutely wonderful, and the details are just magnificent. The first thing I remember doing when I first saw this image is just sitting there mouth wide open and staring at the image for minutes."
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Suggested by JurgenDoe
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The Great Hike

Based loosely from this stock photograph: [link]

The backpack and water bottle were referenced from life, for the person I didn't use a reference.

I started this painting back in September but it's taken me ages to finish. I took a long pause from start to finish after being a bit overwhelmed with the sheer complexity of this.

Much thanks to `memod for his pushing me to continue and for all his helpful critiques. It may have started as a gift for my mother but my dedication for this painting is to Dan.

Enjoy our planet, it's the only one we've got!

Process Animation:

Adobe PSCS3 + Wacom tablet
more than 80 hours I'd wager.
Details here: [link]
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Beautiful. The persistence paid off. It reminds of Tolkien (in my mind's eye, not from the movies).
absolutely gorgeous.. great talent. Thanks for sharing 
mynti's avatar
Glad you like it! 
jeffhumm's avatar
O.k I should
jeffhumm's avatar
where did you ever get this from???.JeffStupid Me! 
scapeaholic's avatar
Incredible detail! :)
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ZenInGeneral's avatar
Wow. How can I get there?
xzendor7's avatar
This Is A Beautiful Piece.
TheBerber's avatar
I do wanna say somthing but i can't belive me , its just WOWWWWWWWW !!!! love it so peacful .
Neoeyal's avatar
This is... just... AMAZING!!!
KatrinaAriel's avatar
It's me!!! Beautiful.
Amerguin's avatar
I love it, it's wonderful
PunkPirate-art's avatar
wow. just a woncerdul piece of art, vibrant colours, superb lighting! you are very talented :)
Gwasanee's avatar
Your work has been featured here: [link]

If you want it removed, please let me know :heart:

Have a wonderful day!
ArtIsNotEternal's avatar
Wonderful. Simply. Wonderful.
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I faved this piece back when you submitted it in '08 and I still find myself thinking of it every now and again over the years. When I'm walking on my own in dense woods it comes to mind, I'll always be hypnotised by those fantastic drooping mosses and lichens, how damp and cool it feels and how I would love to be there. I'm kinda jealous of the hiker!
Anyway just thought you'd like to know that this is a piece of art that has stuck with me for years ;)
mynti's avatar
Thank you so much for telling me! I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner, and I hope you don't take that as disinterest.

I have often felt this painting is one of my soul. It is expression of love for my mother. This place exists, if you want to save up and go before it is not so pristine, I would - the place is Milford, New Zealand, and I am jealous of her trip too! I plan to go myself when I can scrounge up the crazy plane fare.

My mother and I share a spiritual bond in our love of nature and especially of hiking, and this was my gift to her because her roll of film that she took on the plane with her wasn't exposed, so when she got home - they were black. Instead of her having little to nothing of images to remember her trip, I painted this for her birthday to remind her of her Great Hike. I got it printed on 24"x36" canvas and she has it in her living room.

I think that's probably why it has stuck with you - I put everything I had into this painting, and while i find I look at it now and see where I could improve it, the spirit and soul of it is still ever apparent, and thus is one of my favorites.

I am so pleased you remember me and my work and that it has touched you and your hiker sensibilities! Thank you for telling me, it means a lot to me that you get something good out of it!
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What a wonderful story and I'm absolutely certain now that that's why it's stuck with me! Your poor Mum, what a disappointment, but made up again with such an amazing gift.

It actually reminds me a lot of a few hikes I went on around the Strathspey area of Scotland. Near Loch Morlich when I was younger they did orienteering courses and they were some of the happiest days I've had. Scotland doesn't get much sun so we were so lucky to have cloudless skies for the whole weekend, and sitting eating our packed lunches after a 10km hike in the cool forest... When I saw this picture it instantly took me back there!

Although this seems altogether more magical, what incredible things could be hiding under that mossy canopy? Now knowing it's based in New Zealand makes it far more real, New Zealand really does have magic hiding in every fern and I really hope I'll get enough money to visit some day.

Thank you for sharing the story with me!
Chibillyriusa's avatar
Wonderful piece!:heart: Makes me wanna be there :love:
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