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The Blank Stare

We all know that moment where we think we're funny or cute, and all we get is the blank stare.

For Erica, (`karyaazure) since she loves teh penguins.

3 hours, I just wanted to draw penguins for practice, but I thought a mug would be fun.

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Adorable piece! I love penguins. :)
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OH I love this! I absolutely adore penguins and this is great!
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The coloring/shading throughout this piece is nice. The background really helps make this work - the penguins aren't floating in air, but at the same time they are left to be the focus.
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It looks awesome on a mug too! :lol: :giggle:
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Oooh! Yes I can see that. :)
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spot-on ... got the mood absolutely right ... luck & heallth
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Hahaha! That's awesome! The blank stare is the equivalent to The Blue Screen Of Death. Haven't seen either in a while ^_^
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Daww. Cute and funny. :aww:
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It's very funny how you can get so much body language out of such a chubby thing as a penguin. Great work. :nod:
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:winner: Congratulations! I loved your work so much I featured it in my journal this week! Keep up the good work :highfive:
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:winner:CONGRATULATIONS...this piece was so awesome, I featured it in my FESTIVAL OF FEATURES! :thumbsup: Good Job! :clap::clap::clap::clap: You will find your feature at this News Link--->[link]
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ah.. lovely painting there! Just got to love those penguins!:) It's really nice mynt! It is:)
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This is just so damn cute!
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Great work! My Dad and I love penguins.
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