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Portrait of Robb

A commissioned ID for Robb =Thanato5. Was great fun to do, I love getting to paint people here :heart: Thanks to Robb for being such a good subject :D

I give permission for =Thanato5 to display this image as an ID :dance:
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I think there is a lot of character captured in your work here.
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Yes, I enjoy doing portraits of people whose personality I can discern quickly - it makes the work easier for me if I can convey something about them in the paint.
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couldn't help smiling
good job :bow:
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Wonderful job here :thumbsup: Although, he has shaved his goatee and mustache now and just has a little triangle under his lower lip :shh: It does look so much like him though!
mynti's avatar
Oh? I haven't heard from him in a long time.
bigpaganjames's avatar
He is doing fine, I actually work with him =D If you would like to get in touch with him, drop me a note and I can hook you up with his email address. :hug:
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Pure painting madness dear! :heart:
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Great work. Very skillfull. It's nice to see an actual portrait of a real person on deviantART.

Pastiche-X's avatar
Man, that's a really awesome piece! :thumbsup:

You did an absolutely wonderful job on the coloring, it's very, VERY realistic. I totally envy your shading skills, yes yes. :3

Your coloring makes it look like an oil painting or possibly a combination of pastels and oils.
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your eally are scary at doing these... all 4 have been amazing!!!
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Thank you :blush: You are always so sweet <3
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You're very welcome. Thank you for the compliment. Being nice doesn't cost anything and it helps make the world a better place. :D
mynti's avatar
Very true, and yet so rarely people act that way :) Thank you for always checking out my work :heart:
eskimoblueboy's avatar
You're very welcome. I enjoy your work. :hug: Have fun!
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:giggle: Your so good at these! This is a great portrait, it looks so real! The sunglasses I think look the best, or the coolest. =P

Wonderful job! :clap:
mynti's avatar
Thanks hunny :heart: Hehe, I had never drawn sunglasses, it was a lot of fun :D
popcorn-pops's avatar
Really? But it looks like you're a master at them!
DaGoatmaster's avatar
Eek! Amaaaaazing!
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DaGoatmaster's avatar
You're welcome. :D
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You did a fantastic job! I'm sure he was thrilled with this! :)
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Thank you :D I think so! :giggle:
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more than you know.. :)
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