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January 2, 2012
Pettin Da Fish by `mynti
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Suggested by sweetychan
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Pettin Da Fish

Okay, so if I were a water nymph or deep sea mermaid, I'd totally have a pet fish. And I'd pet it!

So here we have a loose painting I started a long time ago... I should detail it out more but, ah well, I wanted to finish it and get it out of my to-do list. I had a lot of fun here anyhow :D


Adobe Photoshop CS3 + Wacom Intuos 3
About 15 hours, give or take a few.
Referenced: fetishfaerie-stock.deviantart.…

Thanks for lookin! :heart:

Edit: Jan 10th... I think I'll detail this out more, I'm thinking about the feedback you guys are giving. :D Thanks for the constructive crit!

Edit: Jan 14th: A sneak peek of my detailing is here:…
Edit: Feb 10th: Here's a WIP update on my blog.
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fbatman666's avatar
I check the reference...this look amazing! Congrats!
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Hi again, Mynti! Just hoping you might see this and have time to reply to my query about this piece. (?) I hope all's well with you. fiona kernaghan at g mail dot com :))
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I'm sorry, I've searched my mailboxes for that address, to no avail. Note sent :D
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Beautiful! The details of the hair and skin are particularly amazing. And I love the concept too!
mynti's avatar
Thanks! I went for it, didn't I!
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Yes, it is all about that, in a way.
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This is amazing!!! I love it! The colors make my eyes happy. Great work ♥
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Lunariel7's avatar
Featured your lovely work here: [link] :meow:
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SamenigmaT's avatar
A true mermaiden, not the cliché-ed blonde-blue-eyes. Love it.
mynti's avatar
Thanks! I thought even this rendition seemed a bit cliche - I'm glad it doesn't read that way.
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Absolutely gorgeous!!!!
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You're welcome
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Stunning! Congrats on the DD. Your creativity shines through here in the differences from all of the usual mermaid pics. I love her hand! While it could almost have an "ick" factor you have painted it with such gorgeous "draping" and colors that it becomes beautiful and unique. Your attention to detail is exquisite. :heart: This one may finish out my walls for a while. (I'm pretty much outta room!)

(I too am guilty of fish petting. They are too pretty not to!)
mynti's avatar
Wow! Thanks for the comment, I'm sorry it took me so long to reply. No one has picked this nuance out to me as eloquently as you have; but you have gotten my underlying message: different is beautiful too.
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