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March Daily Doodles

Heya Doods.

This month was a bit tougher. I saw some major busy-ness and some major flu symptoms, and thus I've got some holes in this month. It makes me sad :(

But, we are all human! I will resolve to work harder at completing all my doodles in April :eyes:

The credits drumroll please....

03.01.2009 - [link] (not stock, used with permission)
03.02.2009 - no ref
03.03.2009 - [link]
03.04.2009 - no ref
03.05.2009 - [link]
03.06.2009 - [link]
03.07.2009 - drawn from life.
03.08.2009 - from my head.
03.09.2009 - from my head, inspired by the clouds and conversation with `memod.
03.10.2009 - [link] and see the step by step deviation: [link]
03.11.2009 - [link]
03.12.2009 - [link]
03.13.2009 - [link]
03.14.2009 - no reference
03.15.2009 - [link]
03.16.2009 - no reference
03.17.2009 - no reference
03.23.2009 - no reference
03.24.2009 -[link]
03.25.2009 - no reference
03.27.2009 - no reference, located here: [link]
03.29.2009 - [link]
03.30.2009 - cave inspiration is here: [link] deviation is here: [link]
03.31.2009 - no reference

I hope you enjoy my doodles as much as I love painting 'em! :heart:
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YouhavebeenRICKROLED's avatar
You do this DAILY?! :jawdrop: Wow... just wow.
These pics are all masterpieces! You are an artistic genius.
mynti's avatar
Thank you! But I don't think they are masterpieces, merely practice!
Lullu84's avatar
This piece is featured here: [link] :)
mynti's avatar
virtualzelia's avatar
The scenarios are fantastic!
mynti's avatar
qbenk's avatar
love ur doddle.... :love: :love:
lemontea's avatar
Downright beautiful.
mynti's avatar
Thanks Clay. :glomp:
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
Tempestazure's avatar
Really beautiful. I love 3.11.2009 and the goldfish is brilliant. :)
SkyeTrinity's avatar
Thanks for continuing to share your doodles!
aaronpocock's avatar
What dedication!
Othello-3D's avatar
What a tremendous display of talent. Your work always impresses and blesses me. I've always enjoyed it and look forward to each new one you produce. Great Job, I would love to have your talent and inspiration.

Cheers, :slow:
SybexMed's avatar
Dont stop what you do! My mood changes from viewing a different one. That's hard to achieve.
nathie's avatar
they are all so beautifully done! :love: i wish i could join you in the daily doodles, but it would be just a weekly doodle if i´m lucky. :)
alums's avatar
My favs are 04 and 05 - both, but all are nice. I just love your doodles. :love:
Don't stop please! :D
mynti's avatar
I won't ever stop drawing! :D I'm glad you like them :glomp:
blacktiger98756's avatar
my favorites are 03.02, 04, 05, 09, and 11. i like the details in all of them.
I'm glad I stumbled across your doodles. They made me smile! :hug:
mynti's avatar
efroend's avatar
I love the 10th and the 23rd.. and LOVE the 11th.. :)
pendlestock's avatar
I've been updating mine more often over on =Mollinda - I discovered wacom doodling :excited:
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