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January Daily Doodles

This month saw the kickoff to daily doodles...

Today you see this month's result. Just over three weeks of doodles :D

I have decided to upload these monthly as the stock resources were getting unweildy to manage and I'd rather credit as I go :D

So, here's all of them for January!

Thank you (huge love) to all of you who provide stock! The ones used for this are:

Stock for dailies

01.10.2009 - [link]
01.11.2009 - corbis stock cd and googled some refs for the outfit
01.12.2009 - [link]
01.13.2009 - no ref
01.14.2009 - [link]
01.15.2009 - [link]
01.16.2009 - no ref

01.17.2009 - [link]
01.18.2009 - [link]
01.19.2009 - [link]
01.20.2009 - googled "Obama".. one of the results is here: [link] (please don't kill me, I won't ref google images anymore, I promise.)
01.21.2009 - no ref
01.22.2009 - [link]
01.23.2009 - [link]

01.24.2009 - [link]
01.25.2009 - ref courtesy of `memod
01.26.2009 - [link]
01.27.2009 - [link]
01.28.2009 - no ref
01.29.2009 - no ref
01.30.2009 - no ref
01.31.2009 - [link]

Expect more perspective and critter studies! They'll be the focus of my practice this year.
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CookiemagiK's avatar
You are amazing :faint:
Berreh's avatar
It's really cool to see the doodles.
You got much better.
mynti's avatar
Thanks, I continue to... I am just sketching on paper a lot lately :D
Berreh's avatar
Well keep it up.
I like looking at your art. :D
ogyn4e's avatar
ohh the black kitty its just adorable! =)
aoutramafalda's avatar
this is very inspiring. and a awesome way to get better in art :P
LatinInuLuva's avatar
I absolutely LOVE the kitten!!!!
Chocoreaper's avatar
WOAH... how can u doodle like THAT?! thats juz plain AWESOMENESS, theyre not juz doodles! they almost look like the real thing (well some of em) but still :jawdrop:
CAStock's avatar
Oh WOW, I love your doodles :love: Great work on all of them, but I love what you've done from my turtle stock as reference :D Beautiful!!!
alums's avatar
Wow, it's nice and funny. I can't pick the favourite, becouse there are a lot nice :)
danlev's avatar
god, these are amazing. awesome job :)
mynti's avatar
Solitude12's avatar
That's awesome :D
mynti's avatar
haha thanks! :dance:
uncolored's avatar
awesome project gracie grace. just looking forward for the feb ones ;P
mynti's avatar
They will be coming as soon as the month is over! :lol: This year is flying by!
CandyKins's avatar
Wow! These are fantastic doodles. I love very much how you did the president. :)
mynti's avatar
elicoronel16's avatar
I have got to do this :#1:

I'll let you know when i start :iconlovesplz: I love your doodles!
mynti's avatar
Please do! :dance: :excited:
elicoronel16's avatar
Yay! I just started :iconhappydancerplz:

Here's my first doodle: [link]

I put a module in my journal dedicated to this and mentioned you :iconsnuzzleglompplz: The best resolution i've seen so far :icongiggplz:
mynti's avatar
Haha, I'm glad you like my resolution :D A year's worth of doodlin! should be fun!
little-stock's avatar

1Love the movement on this one!
2The eyes look a bit strange to me, but that might just be me :D
3 Love it! The right part of the head is a bit odd though. I think the brow (or however you want to call it, the little "hill" over the eye) has to be a bit further down?
4 Zomg! Could you do that as a finished one pleaaaase?! Love it :)
5 Cute as cookie :love: I like how you did the hair, looks like an effortless way but the outcome's great! (I never get a grip on this-.-)

Hm I wanted to say something to each but I can't find flaws on the others :D
So a general: great for those. Especially the "Wasserturm", recognised it immediateley ;)

Calaymo's avatar
woww...amazings works!
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