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In response to your wishes.

After three years of drawing, this is where I was at. A classic homework assignment. Yes, that's right folks. Get out a paper bag, and draw it. Each one took two hours to draw. Boooo-RING! Right? I did still lifes for the first three years of art classes. And check the date to see how long ago that was. Then do the math.

I get lots of people saying they wished they could draw like me. This is what I want to show you.

You CAN and WILL draw like me if you put in 14 years of drawing. Draw daily and you will improve. I promise you. Draw daily and purposefully, and you will improve in greater leaps. Set goals, and you will have direction in which to improve.

There is no secret to instant success in art. Do it. Live it. Breathe it. Be it. Don't wish. Just art. And have fun!

It was only this year I let the pressure off and starting letting loose and really nitty-gritty enjoying what I was doing, and I realized my perfectionism was getting the best of me. Have fun, boys and girls, you only have one life to live and one art journey to go through. We are human, and we can let that show.


I have said these words so many times, I have decided to upload this as a testament to my beliefs. It is going to mar the meticulously arranged main gallery folder of mine as a reminder to everyone of how I feel. Because you cannot just draw, you MUST practice.
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you are a big inspiration to me and i will continue my drawing everyday now because of your inspiring words :) thank you!
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:love: Please do continue! :dance:
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Excellent, spot-on advice. I say the same to everyone who whines/distresses about their level of drawing skill. It really DOES take practice. Something worth sharing!
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:aww: Thanks! I'm glad you think so too!
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thanks for posting this. i feel the same way when people coment about a talent. i always say when you do anything for 20+ years you learn a few things. although i will disagree with you in that is it "In" some people and not others. not necessarily "talent" but creativeness a desire to "art" ( i love how you use it as a verb) thank you for the inspiration and the open expression of your talent. keep on arting and doing what you do exceptionally well.
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I love it when artist's give back drawings of what their skills were like at the start of their subject :D
"There is no secret to instant success in art. Do it. Live it. Breathe it. Be it. Don't wish. Just art. And have fun!"
I love that saying :love:
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I draw since I was two and a half. I have lots of old drawings too. Darn still life. :laughing: All I can say is that you are sooooo very right. Without years of practicing you will never be able to draw properly. But I have a little tiny objection. It takes also the talent. It's a big part of it actually. I know people that love and want to draw, and practice every day from many years now but they still don't improve. I saw it with my very own eyes.
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I think, that it also must be they do not have the right teachers then :aww: Because with some guidance in the right direction, they could improve, I think :D
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Haha excellent idea, I'll have to have Keith sketching paper bags as well :giggle:
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I love this! Thank you for posting it :) You always know just what is needed at the right moment!.....I always dreamed I would instantly become a drawing machine 'if only' I could take art classes. Well hell! If y'all are drawing bags and crumpled paper...this can be done! Yeaaah! Daily work and practice.... :nod:
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Yep, you can draw just about any kind of random object to get you started. :D The key is to try, and to practice, and you will figure it :D You'd be surprised at how quickly you learn, too, in the beginning!
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:D Another thing we do here at my art classes is we have to draw crumpled up paper. THe trickiest part is when I have to do it with white conte on black :o

Everything you said is absolutely true. I have improved a lot over the past 3 years and only because I practiced constantly :D
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Yeah, I did the crumpled paper one too. :D

Continue to practice, and you will see the results, it is easy as that. No one can help you with your ideas, but the technical skill anyone can learn.
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spoken like a true artist :D
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I haven't even gotten started. I'm only 26. Call me Artist at 50, and I will have earned it :D
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I believe you're always an artist from the first day you lift a crayon, but I'll definitely look forward to calling you a 'master' when you're 50 :D
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:hug: You should know by now how far you have pushed me to come, even if your part of it was just that tiny little shove in the right direction =P

Thank you for dailydoodles :hug:
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I cannot credit my shoving you, you volunteered all your own for such daily abuse :D

I am only happy to know that you are drawing and enjoying it... that is the only purpose of the sketchgroup! :D

Thank you for daily doodling, and embracing what it is to be a practicing draftsman! This is a tough endeavor, and you are brave for starting out on deviantART, too.

If I had joined back when I first started drawing, I would have been laughed off the site. Good thing I didn't really spend much time online :D I was too busy drawing nude models :eyes:

But, now, when I see how deviantART is really my go-to catalogue of artwork... a documentation I can sort through time and many other variables... well, I realize how much I miss seeing my really crappy old work that now I've lost or destroyed or moved, or trashed. And if I had been on deviantART, all those proud beginning moments would have been captured :D

Ah, well...

C'est la vie, I will just continue to submit most of my work here :D
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:giggle: I still have my old sketchbooks and all that, so I don't have that losing problem yet =P (I also have paintings my mum kept from when I was a year and a half old :aww: )
I used to sit for hours on daily doodles because I would otherwise be ashamed to share them - but that has changed greatly with all the feedback I received and I am very thankful for that. I now know I can do the silliest things and never be ashamed of where I am even though there is much more I need to practice :aww:
I rather enjoy this attitude as it allows me to focus on what I want to study instead of what it would come out like :D

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It's an easy enough concept to agree to, but to actually realize what it means I believe you have to have gone through the process yourself. Yes, it's a lot of time, but why not spend time on what you enjoy doing so very much, even when it's boring.

Even after 14 years I guess you realize that it never ends, the passion of a lifetime gives you security because you know it will continue to bring you joy for all your life.

Here is another person who is extremely talented, but he would not be where he is today unless he spent every hour thinking, breathing music. Perhaps you will not like his style, but watching him play is a marvel of its own: [link]

Live long and prosper.
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If I did not draw, I would probably be dead. If I had not the passion to produce, I would not have fought for everything I have today. Art is my purpose, my chosen first love. I started drawing when I was young, because it was fun. I also did many other clubs and activities (luckily, my mother, though not exactly rich, managed to let me take ballet classes, tap dancing classes, horseback riding classes, clarinet classes, and fencing lessons when I was young, usually by charging it on her credit card! I had many interests before I picked drawing), but art was what I liked best. So here I am, today, still doing it. Because I love it. Because, I am driven to paint. Because, when I see the world, I must express what I think about it, and this is how it comes out.

It will bring me joy all my life. It is my raison d'etre. :love:

I will be honest. I loved drawing paper bags. I loved drawing my shoes. I attacked every assignment with such pure, happiness.... to just be drawing.

This is what keeps me bouncy and bright, no matter how hard life gets.

For you to comment as you have, I know you understand..
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For me, it is martial arts. I loved doing those repetitive basic exercises when most just wanted to make fancy throws...
In my art it is intriguing to think that the best practitioners are over 60, 70 or even 80 years old and to see and learn from them, to hear that they are still learning is truly an inspiration.

Btw, thanks for the css journals you made long time ago, I'm still using my modified version of the ipod journal. They're still useful. =)
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Thank you. :) Wonderful point to make. Practice really does make perfect!
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Yay! Someone who shares my opinions! It definitely does take practice, I mean, I started out back 4-ish years ago and I've gone from drawing really weird anime looking things with just my mouse to drawing cartoony things and comic-esque things that look a helluva lot better than my old stuff. I mean, your skills improve and the more you practice from different areas your style can improve as well!

I mean, hell, if you really work at it you can improve just over a small amount of time [link] I should do another one of these progress attempts :\ I came across this group that was trying to get people to show their progress and everything and it really does help as a confidence booster to draw the same character from year to year or each time when you realize there's a major change and see how you've improved. It's always nice to be able to look at your own stuff to inspire yourself. Sometimes looking at everyone else's can just depress you in the end.

Have to stay focused and dedicated :]
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