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Freckles Walkthrough Pt 1

By mynti
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This is my updated walkthrough for the first attempt of freckles, with more details and demos.

Also see part two! [link]

The finished painting is here: [link]

The first attempt is here: [link]

Annnnd the stock photograph I used is here: [link]
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Great tutorial! Thanks!
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You're welcome!
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any time and thanks again!
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Caramba! Estou impressionado com o seu trabalho. Perfeito!!
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It`s so amazing!!!
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I left a comment on part two, but I wanted to say also here: Thanks for putting this together. It's really in-depth and very helpful.
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Thank you very much, It's very useful :D
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This is the illustrated definition of epic. The sheer amount of mind blowing brilliance is overwhelming. Your attention to detail is positively fantastic. I love the pacing of this walkthrough, your superb explanations, unassuming tips and constant reassurance. You are a great inspiration and a credit to the art world! Corel Painter and I had a short run, but I am so utterly impressed and enlightened I vow to try again! Thank you for taking the time on this and sharing your process!
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Oh thank you for such nice words :D It helps me too - you learn more thoroughly by teaching than by just doing the process itself. :love:
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I find it amazing and beautiful to see a painter laboriously taking time to paint in the details in a portrait that most photographers would seek to remove, I can't thank you enough!
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Thank you... I was fascinated but exhausted by the end. I don't do this nearly so often as I should, but after I finished this painting, I realized I didn't want to do that ALL the time. It's crazy. :D But I know I can, and I pushed myself as far as I possibly could.
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You know, if I ever came to step 2 and my picture looked like that, I would already call it perfect :). This is plain crazy...
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If you try, you can do anything you want. That's the bottom line. It's a matter of patience...
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do you have this for photoshop? :D
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omg! it's awsome, beautiful, fantastic!
i didn't believe that it's a painting before i saw it. congratz :3
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it took a long time, but there are many mistakes yet still in this that I got wrong.
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THIS IS PRICELESS :iconloveyouplz:
all those tips and quick guides on the's just what i need to get some more leads on painter :love:
with all those brushes, blenders, etc. .. all i use in painter is a cover pencil and wet oily brush and pallet knife :XD:
but not any more! :dance: i have a new lead :w00t:
thank you for making this!!
:bulletred::bulletgreen:Have a Merry Christmas~!!:bulletgreen::bulletred:
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Oh !
thanks for sharing . .
hope to see it in a video tutorial . .

good luck . . ^_^
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ask!! how big the canvas size to do this?
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Thanks for the tutorial! Beautiful work =D
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Your wonderful tutorial has been featured here.[link]

Thank you for providing the gallery with such awesome Resources.:heart:
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*gasp* Amazing! Not only is it an incredible picture, but your step by step is brilliant too- love all the personalized notes here and there. Thanks so much for sharing! :)
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I wonder why my firefox can't open this in full format ...
Would U be so kind, if U can find the time, to send me the JPG's tutorials of Freckles...
Thank you in advance
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