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February Daily Doodles

The year seems to go by very quickly nowadays. Maybe it's all the doodlin'.

Thanks again to all the stock artists who make doodling fun! :heart: And they are...

02.01.2009 - [link]
02.02.2009 - [link]
02.03.2009 - [link]
02.04.2009 - [link]
02.05.2009 - [link]
02.06.2009 - [link] and [link]
02.07.2009 - personal ref
02.08.2009 - used with permission, [link]
02.09.2009 - no ref
02.10.2009 - no ref
02.11.2009 - no ref, it's a stamp. Located here: [link]
02.12.2009 - [link]
02.13.2009 - drawn from life
02.14.2009 - no ref
02.15.2009 - [link]
02.16.2009 - [link]
02.17.2009 - [link]
02.18.2009 - [link]
02.19.2009 - [link]
02.20.2009 - Life observation
02.21.2009 - No ref
02.22.2009 - No ref
02.23.2009 - No ref
02.24.2009 - No ref
02.25.2009 - from life
02.26.2009 - no ref
02.27.2009 - from life
02.28.2009 - no ref
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Hehe. I like the "What shall I do with you now, kitty?" :giggle:
mynti's avatar
Yes, the mouse magician has a moment of belligerence!
guitaristburke's avatar
really like the cat and mouse one lol.
Helagon's avatar
You are SO AMAZING, I don't know how you can call these doodles! I'm envious ;A;
mynti's avatar
I'm not amazing. See [link]
Helagon's avatar
Yes! I agree, you need to put effort into your art. I am nearly 16 and have been drawing ever since I can remember. I was merely admiring your talent/arts/skillagez. Zzuz.

So, er sorry? I'm not quite sure what to say. ^¬^''
mynti's avatar
okay, no worries. lately I've been getting people thinking it's insta-art or something, with all the "amazing" "talent" type comments, I just never know anymore. :lol: I should hide in a hole somewhere :D
Inqy's avatar
My favorites are 02.05 and 02.01. Great colors and atmosphere. Well, all of them live up to that, but I think those catch my eye the most. :giggle:
mynti's avatar
:love: I'm glad you like those two! 02.05 is a place near where I live, actually :giggle:
ogyn4e's avatar
blacktiger98756's avatar
i like your buildings and architecture.
NoIdeaWhyISmile's avatar
The ones from day 9, 16, and 28. Theyre awesome, <3
snowysylva's avatar
Lovely collection of doodles. :) I really like 1, 6, 9, 16, 18, and 21.
alums's avatar
Oh, it's really hard to pick the favorite...
Hmm, so.. 02.17, 02.21 and 02.27 :)
Nice works! :#1:
Trekkie313's avatar
Thank you very much for using my photo as reference! Do you happen to have it in a bigger size?
mynti's avatar
I paint each doodle at 800x800 pixels yar, it is just too many pixels for so many doodles on these deviations, so they're half size.
NexNetix's avatar
16 and 28. But I like all forest scenes too (3>10>9). I want to know draw so nice like you. For me aren´t so important right details as right atmosphere of the picture and you work with it very well. I am really happy, I found your account on DA, stuff or not. :love:
mynti's avatar
Thanks. The key to drawing is practice. :thumbsup:
NexNetix's avatar
Unfortunately. ;) It take a lots of time. But I can see at all sides, that it is working, so I try to not to stop. :)
DarthFar's avatar
You know, I might just steal your doodle-a-day idea. ;) Your paintings came out great! it's amazing how cohesive a picture you manage to churn out in under an hour.
mynti's avatar
Why don't you join us? (see my userpage if you're curious).. There are quite a few people doodling too, it's really fun (and exhausting). :D
DarthFar's avatar
Six, actually. Oops. :dohtwo:
DarthFar's avatar
Haha, actually I sort of started with seven pictures: [link] but then I got caught up in two big paintings and totally forgot about the doodles. :laughing: I'll start again, I promise!
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