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Daily Doodle: Little Waterfall

Liquitex Professional Acrylic on 5"x5" stretched and primed canvas + 45 minutes + Liquitex Slow Dri Paint Extender + Size 10 Filbert Synthetic + Size 8 Round Synthetic + Size 4 Round Synthetic + Size 0 Round Synthetic Brushes + Music

Just more stuff to put in the window. I sold the other small canvas I did - so I thought it was due to do another.

Original for sale, $20 + Shipping.

Colors look better in person, as usual.
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Ah Gracie, as always I'm in love with your colours :heart: It's great how you indicated so much with those rough strokes. And I love the overall atmosphere. I'm a bit unsure actually, if I wouldn't like a slightly stronger contrast on the focus point, but then again I love the muted feel.
Two things I want to mention though, if I may: The trees look very alike, and the distance between them is almost the same, too, so it feels as if you have three parallel strokes. And the waterfall could be broken up a little as well, falling onto rocks and dividing up itself, just subtle additions :hug:

Otherwise, lovely :aww:
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Of course, as always you are right! Unfortunately this little one is already sold... but I'll keep in mind for future waterfalls to make them more broken up!

Miss talking to you! :glomp:
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Ah well, if it sold, who will complain :D I'm glad your stuff is finding owners :cuddle:

And well...just come online sometime? :lol: I can totally stay after work a bit and skype :hug:
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Me too, it reduces the clutter and means we eat well. :giggle:

Tell me when it's good so I can make a well-timed appearance :D
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Hm well do you have any off-days from monday to friday?
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beautiful piece. your choice of color really invokes a sense of serenity and relaxation.
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Featured in my journal August 30, 2010.
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I love how the colors set up the mood of the painting. :clap:
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Looks gorgeous!

Summer came and i got all distracted from regular art, i feel ashamed looking at all the daily doodles you did. Nice work on all the doodles :)
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Don't be ashamed! I don't want your guilt, I want your doodles. Send em when you got them. You've contributed much to this group and you can take summer vacations if you wish. :lol:
RobertLaszloKiss's avatar
Haha yay summer vacation sounds awesome. Thank you for making me smile :D
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You're welcome! :D :dance: I took it easy this summer too, and only submitted the ones I liked! Not every single one anymore.
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omg thats a beutiful sight :o
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Rather beautiful.
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so peaceful!! I love it! I wish I was there! :love:
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:glomp: Thanks so much!
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It's so pretty!
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Oh, very pretty. But somewhat different then previous ones...It's very peaceful and less vibrant than the others. I kind of like it, makes me want to sleep. ^_^
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I mixed my palette more with this one so there are more neutrals than the others. It's the same tube colors, just more time spent mixing than putting it down. :lol:
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Ah, but mixing is so peaceful...I like watching the colors mix.. (although, sometimes after working on a piece for like 5 days, I would rather the paint mixed itself...) Painting is therapeutic. :D
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