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Daily Doodle Demo: Fishy

Here is a demo of a fishy doodle for `bluem00n. This was actually for 03.10.2009, but I am late, because I did it twice :bucktooth:

Stock is here: [link]

To download my special fish scale brush which I used for this painting, hit download! :D (Note, you may want to make your own brush similar to mine, depending on your fish's scales.)

Unfortunately, I've drawn this fish twice now, because I keep getting errors from my screen recording program. I don't know why :( Does anyone else use CamStudio? And know why "error recording avi" happens? :lol: I spend an hour painting while recording, press stop, and it gives me that error.

It is free and stupid... if anyone knows a better free recording software, let me know...

I also take donations to buy screen software so I can record my paintings :D I am not paying for it, sorry :lol:

But, I've saved my layers for you anyhow, so at least there's that. Since the animation you said was hard to understand, for this special time, I have provided a still .jpg. with all my steps so you can analyze if you want...

However, I will say, no amount of special brushes can replace your own handmade marks... :giggle: You see here, I use the special brush only for a quick base idea of where the scales should go.

STOP!:police: You are not authorized to take this image and use it anywhere, repost, tube, ect without prior written consent. Just because it is a tutorial does NOT make it yours.. Please refer to the stock and try it yourself, seeing as how stealing isn't useful to anyone!

(Sorry, putting that there due to annoyances lately... cheerio!)
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have you tried an online video hosting site? this is what i use

it works lovely for me, and you can set your recordings to private, or do live viewings where ppl can watch you in real time
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Fishy! X3

Thanks for the process!
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I feel silly to say this but thank you so much for taking the time :heart: :hug:

It explains perfectly fine what you said and I think I have an idea on how to apply this to my style :eyes: :hug:
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awesome. I didn't want to do the same fish for obvious reasons :D I figured you should do it your own way :glomp:
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:giggle: :hug: you are so supportive, it's great :aww:
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Maybe it's just that, I've been where you are, figuratively.. I know how frustrating it is, to simply feel a disconnect between what is in your head and what you are capable of doing... this is the biggest deterrent to an artist continuing to create, I think... This frustration :D

But it is overcome through time and practice, and this I am experiencing (finally in the past few years) for myself... being able to draw the way I want to straight from my head :D

I support you guys especially because you made the dedication to try. That's what makes the doodlers spesh to me. Trying (especially with an open mind) is the first step :glomp:
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:love: :hug:
Yeah, it's funny how many roadblocks we must pass through just in order to paint what we see, if you realise that what we see is so naturally just.. there :P

I think what makes us try is your dedication, as well. The little nudges we give each other just make it so much easier :aww:
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Cool, you make it look so easy! ;P
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It is only easy after over 14 years of practice my friend. You build the art so she can build you... it is a give and take. The more you put in, the more you get out!
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So true, im always trying to put in everything i can in art class to get the best looks.. practice practice i guess!
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:glomp: You got it!
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simple, yet delightful!
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Thank you! It would have been funner, but my recording software sucks :( I was so excited to have another video painting :lol: But it's okay I suppose.. at least I add layers all the time to show my process :giggle:
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I do the same thing too, but I don't even have a recording program. But this looks fun enough anyway if u ask me.
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yeah, I don't really know how to describe how I paint other than... look at big shapes, put those down, then go smaller shapes :D

It's hard to explain... I just think it is a culmination of learning where to put what..
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I hear ya. You're preaching to the choir :) . I can totally relate.
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This is sooo WOW, especially seeing how it progressed... :faint:
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hmm... I dunno. It starts off as big shapes and the shapes get smaller... it seems like a logical way to work to me?
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It is logical, but that doesn't make it any less impressive :D
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:D I have spent so long daydreaming and breaking down shapes with my eyes... every moment is shapes. When you see with "art goggles" all the time, you will remember each face you analyze, even years later, and if only in passing, they will never remember you back... it is strange and sometimes very very funny.

This is achieved through practice and attention, only. If you pay attention, the world opens up and reveals her secrets :giggle:
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That sounds amazing... Well, I do a bit of photography, and the only thing I noticed so far is that it became easier to see the beauty of basic shapes and forms. Simplest things suddenly became beautiful. I appreciate the world we live in more and more day by day :aww:
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Wonderful!!! :star:
I love to see all the passages! Thanks!
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great work! i love the fish skin!
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